Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection Opulent Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is the second palette I review from the Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection that they released just before Christmas. I had to pick up all the three palettes from the collection, mainly because of the beautiful packaging.


I mean, just look at this gorgeous frozen silver outer packaging. The palette has some weight to it too, so it feels and looks more expensive than it is. Inside you get a very decent mirror, and I was also very happy to see that the names of the eyeshadows are written in the palette. Usually Makeup Revolution just give you one of those plastic inserts, or have the names or numbers written on a sticker on the backside of the palette, but this packaging seems a bit more thorough. Still the price is only 10 £.


Inside you get 6 large eyeshadow pans of metallic foiled eyeshadows, and 14 smaller pans with a mixture of mattes and shimmers. The colors are much more cool-toned than the other two palettes that are very warm and golden. This one has pinks, mauves and greys in addition to a few browns, so you do get a nice cool-toned palette here, which I think is great. I love warm toned eyeshadow palettes but they are so common and so plentiful in my collection, that a cool-toned palette with wearable neutrals always feels like adding something new to my collection.


I find the quality of this eyeshadow palette to be close to identical to Deluxe, which is the first of these three palettes I reviewed. The top row of 6 foiled shadows are incredible. They are so soft and buttery they feel more like a cream than a powder, the pigmentation is so intensely rich I am amazed. This top row is worth the whole palette for me! They are just mindblowingly good!


The two rows of smaller eyeshadow pans are more of “regular” quality if you will. They have medium pigmentation and does the job, but they are very unlikely to be the best eyeshadows you have. The mattes are good, but not great. The shimmers are more of a satin finish than a shimmer really, but some are more shiny than others. That meaning that some of these shades can be used in the crease, even though they are not matte because they are much softer and not very reflective. These 14 smaller pan are kind of like a decent-for-the-price and gets-the-job-done-withouth-blowing-your-mind kind of quality. But the top row with 6 foiled pieces of goodness are the crown jewels of this palette and makes it well worth picking up.


I do think though that the composition of this palette is better than Deluxe. Deluxe did only have 2 matte eyeshadows, while this one has 6 of different depths. In addition to that some of the satin shades can work similarly to a matte, and with that I mean that they can be used in the crease. So if you were thinking about picking up any of these three palettes, Opulent would be your best option if you wanted mainly cool-tones. And not to spoil the review of Gilded that will be posted later on, but that would be my pick if I wanted one of them but preferred a cool toned look.

Overall these palettes seem very similar in quality, and also packaging. Even though the 14 small pans are decent but nothing more, the incredible foiled at the top makes up for it, and overall makes this a palette well worth the price. Opulent is definitely the one to go for if you are a bit tired of all those warm neutral palettes, because you can get some really pretty grey, taupe, pink or berry looks from this palette.

This one gets a thumbs up from me, because I am so excited about having such stunning foiled shades for a reasonable price in my collection. Besides the gorgeous packaging don’t hurt either!




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