Colourpop Dream Sequence Highlighter Palette – Review & Swatches!

I used this palette almost every day for a straight month now since I had it in my February makeup bag, so I feel like I got to know this quite well.


This is the second super shock highlighter palette Colourpop released in a short time. I have mentioned before that I have really grown to love the super shock highlighters. I got my first one, Lunch Money, well over two years ago and collected a few others down the road. I always liked them, but I never loved them until recently. I am not the biggest fan of applying product with my fingers, but as soon as I found a few brushes and a technique that worked with this formula I fell head over heels. I just love how these look on the skin. So off course a new when Colourpop released the Dream Sequence highlighter I was all over it!


It was not love a first sight though. Not that the highlighters are bad or not true to formula, they just don’t have my favorite finish. There are four shades in this palette. Both Counting Sheep and Mr.Wind are glittery, and as I have mentioned before this is not my favorite formula. I don’t judge a glittery highlighter before using it off course, I just normally end up not being a big fan. Pinch me is a nice duochrome shade, but it’s actually a bit on the subtle side. That’s completely fine, and I do think it looks nice on the skin, I was just not blown away. The forth shade, Guilty Pleasure, is just the way I like the formula. High-shine but no glitter. Unfortunately it’s a tad to dark for me, so not a winter favorite for me personally, but it will off course be great in summer. Just at this moment I did not find any favorites among this palette.


But I had slipped this in my monthly makeup bag and I was just forced to keep on using these shades for a month, so I just had to make them work. Off course I could use Pinch Me as much as I wanted, since I like the formula. The soft sheen and subtle duochrome finish with no glitter did indeed look nice on pale skin, even though I would have preferred this shade to give a bit more glow. Guilty Pleasure could also be used with a very light hand (this will be lovely in summer I am sure, but right now it’s just a bit dark for me!). But the two glittery shades I had to figure out how to make work. I tested and tried a bit and I figured out that if I used a dense synthetic highlighter brush (even a blending brush for eyeshadow would work), and took my time to really buff it into the skin, a lot of the glitter particles would not be so visible. When I was done buffing I took my Mac 109 and buffed over the skin again with circular motions where I just put the highlighter. This removed even more of the glitter, but left my cheeks with a really nice sheen. So nice that after discovering this method the two glittery shades was actually the ones I used the most in all of February. I would have never though that, but I guess I figured out how to make some glittery highlighters work for me. I would have never thought that the two glittery shades in this palette would end up being my two favorites, but they really did! No one is more surprised than me I’ll tell you that!


Testing this palette so much and forcing myself to use it makes me realize that when I really get to know a product and learn how to use it, I am much more inclined to really like the product. I have never been too enthusiastic about glittery highlighters, but after working with this palette and even reaching for the glittery shades by preference it makes me want to dig into my collection and retry things I previously thought was too much glitter for my taste!


This palette is absolutely approved in my books, and I am happy to own this. After getting so enthusiastic about the super shock highlighter formula I would not mind if Colourpop would release another one soon! However, even though I do like this I would pick the “Crush On You” palette over this one just because all the shades works for me, while I found the duochrome to be slightly more subtle than I wanted for it, and one of the shades will only really work when I am tanned. But if you are one of those who prefer glitter, this would probably be a better pick.

What do you think? Do you like a bit of glitter in your highlight, or do you just want to glow without the sparkle?



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