Colourpop Lit Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

A tiny little warm toned red palette with the shortest name. This is one of two sister palettes launched by Coloupop in a collaboration with an influencer I don’t have much interest of. But the collection was beautiful and well made, and I picked up some items including the Lit palette.


The packaging is pretty. A simple gold background with “Lit” in gold glitter writing. Very pretty! For a moment I was afraid that the tasteless uni-carton would be the cover of the palette, but luckily it was not so. The palette has 8 shades, and the shape is rectangular. It’s the first time we see this shape and amount of shadows from Colourpop but I am sure it won’t be the last. Although I prefer a palette with 12-16 shadows, I do see that this is nice and compact both to store and travel with, so I don’t mind. Besides it’s perfectly possible to make a good color story with 8 shades.


This color story is indeed pretty. Very warm and very fiery. Reds, a gold, a bright yellow and a couple of browns. 5 of the shades are matte and 3 are shimmers. In a small palette I like getting the majority of the shades as mattes because I think it helps to make the palette more versatile. The mattes are the usual great Colourpop Quality.


The three shimmers shades are a bit different from one another. The shades “Bading” and “She Got Money” are the usual smooth and buttery shimmer shade texture I have gotten used to. “Mercy” is a bit different. It’s slightly more dense and a bit more chunky than the other two. Pigmentation is still very good, you just have to use a bit more pressure with the brush. This shade also has quite a bit of fallout, but as soon as you get it on the eyes it’s such an amazing shade!


I think the color selection is nice. I didn’t feel like I missed anything to do a complete look. I also do feel like I have plenty of options for different looks even though this is only a 8 pan palette. Sure, you would be in the warm tone family, bot you can do a complete look with this without necessarily using reds or oranges. The brown in the crease and “Bading” or “She Got Money” would both be very wearable looks that are warm without leaning red or orange. If you like to go for more red looks, you could go either matte or shimmery which is nice. You even have all the colors you need for a sunset look. So with this being just an 8 pan, I think it’s pretty well put together.


Overall, this is a nice little palette with the well known good Colourpop quality. The packaging is pretty and the size is travel friendly. If you are a warm tone lover then this color combination is bomb. If you are into red tones I absolutely recommend this!

And you, are a Lit fan or would you rather go for the cool-toned sister palette Wet?




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