Obsession London Liquid Illuminator “S&X” – Review!

I am always up for the next new affordable highlighter discovery, so I decided to test out this liquid illuminator by a completely unknown brand Obsession London. I have dabbled into a few things from the brand but at the time I picked up this liquid highlighter I had not tested anything from the brand yet. And heard very little things as well so I was naturally very curious.


The bottle is a nice glass bottle with a simple logo print and a dropper to get the product out. The product feels heavy and solid for the cheap price (it’s only 7£).


The shade is very pretty. It’s a light bronze with silver glitter that reflect blue and purple. I am not usually a fan of glittery highlighters, but there are some exceptions that I really do love, like Colourpops Flexitarian, so I am not about to judge anything before trying it.

I applied this as I usually do. I just dot three dots on each side on the high-points of my cheeks and blend out with a sponge. I discovered that this was fairly hard to blend. The dots I put on initially was still quite visible after I had blended for a little while. In the in it did blend out but it took significantly longer than what I am used to. I would recommend applying and blending this on one side first, because the second side has time to try while you work on blending the first side, and that makes the problem even worse on the side of your face where the highlighter have been sitting for a little while. So one side at the time!


It’s not only hard to blend out but it’s also too glittery. In my opinion this is not a great product to mix into foundation because it’s not only shimmery, it does have flecks of glitter. If you want flecks of glitter all over your face then off course that’s not a problem. Then you’ll probably like this product. I know many people like some glitter in their highlighter and there is absolutely no problem with that, but it’s not my personal preference. So even though the color is pretty and the blue and purple reflection is captivating on watches it’s just too much glitter for my taste. However, if you do like glitter then the good news is that this product seem to stay put where you add it. So you can easily have control over where you would like the glitter, and you won’t have a problem with it spreading all over your face (Anastasia Dream Glow Kit I am looking at you!).

For me personally this was a miss as a highlighter. Partly because of the glitter, and partly because of how hard it is to blend out. There simply are better ones out there, even at the same price range. I can just mention Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter that has a large selection of shades that I would recommend instead of these.

It is however pretty both as an eyeshadow and as an inner corner highlighter, so I did find some way to use it after all, just not as a highlighter.

I will have some more reviews with products from this brand in the future, and it’s not all this bad, so stay tuned if you want to see more reviews from this brand.

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