Makeup Revolution Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

I have to be quite honest with you. If this palette came in a different packaging I would probably not buy it. I mean, the whole Jewel Collection released by Makeup Revolution just before the Christmas holidays was all neutral palettes of different variations and I probably would not have given them a second look if it was not for the stunning frosted finish gold, silver and rose gold packaging. And I picked up all three palettes, solely for the packaging. I am that kind of nuts. Because honestly, I did not need three new neutral palettes. Collector at heart that’s the problem here.


The packaging truly is beautiful though. The Deluxe palette has a rose gold cover with a frosted finish. You know, like ice crystals froze on it, not like frosted glass. It truly is so beautiful and looks far more expensive than the 10£ price tag. Inside you get a very nice mirror, and a black background where the names of each shadow is printed. No plastic sheet insert thank goodness! I mean who are able to keep those?


The palette has eyeshadows with two different sizes. The first row is 6 big pans with the most incredible metallic foiled eyeshadows you can imagine. I have never, not ever, come across such rich, smooth and intense foiled eyeshadow at this price level. I mean, just look at the photo below. I swiped my finger once in the pan and ran my finger down my arm…..once. That’s some insane pigment right? I had a friend over a while back that swatched them as well and she seemed equally amazed. What sorcery is this Makeup Revolution? I am telling you right now, this palette is worth picking up just for that top row of 6 shades alone! These shadows are unmatched at the drugstore. I have never seen this formula from Makeup Revolution before, but they need to get busy and make some more!


The two other rows are eyeshadows with smaller pans, with 7 in each row. These shadows are a mix of regular shimmer shadows, satins and two mattes. And here we encounter the first problem of the palette. I think two matted are a bit on the short side. Especially since they are both mid tones. I really miss a deepening shade since you have so many wonderful and rich foiled metallics. I am not one of those who think a palette should be mainly mattes, but I do like to get the basics covered. I also really think they could have put in some more useful shades in the middle. The whole middle row is basically three colors. In a palette like this you don’t need 5 light golden champagne tones shades. A few to highlight with would be enough. I think the palette would have a much better composition if at least four of these shades in the middle row was replaced. Imagine having a really dark matte brown, and a rich matte burgundy and maybe some more berry shades instead of 5 almost similar pale shimmer shades.


These smaller shadows perform more like I am used to by Makeup Revolution. They totally work, but they are not amazing in any way. It’s the 6 foiled eyeshadows that make the whole palette.


But even though I think they did a pretty lousy job composing this palette, and that the shimmers and mattes are as expected for the price; good and gets the job done, but lacks the wow factor. I still think the palette is worth picking up, I mean all the shades do work and you can for sure make pretty looks with them. But Those 6 foils are among the most incredible eyeshadows I have come across in a long time and I am so surprised! Why haven’t we seen something like these before? They are bomb!


With that said, I do think out of the three palettes from the collection this is not the best choice. The two other palettes have the exact same formula, but with a better color composition with for instance more matte and less similarity between shades. In short words much better composed. I would absolutely recommend this palette for the formula of the foiled shades, but instead of picking up this one I would check out the sibling palettes like Opulent or Gilded instead of picking up Deluxe.

But those foils….you need them!



13 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. Liz

    Love the packaging and the colours – thanks for the swatches 😍 Not sure I’d ever wear them though! Revolution are a good price point though for treating yourself to a palette like this that might only come out around Christmas/New Year

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    1. I picked it up mainly for the packaging, but the foils are so beautiful. And I guess a cheap palette like this is excellent if the shadows would only be for special occations. The foils look really glam so they are perfect for that ☺️


    1. I don’t have that many, only this, the two Soph palettes, Guest List and the other two from the Jewel Collection. I do think they are decent, but Colourpop for inatance is much better. The foiled in this was a very nice surprise though 😍

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