Makeup Favorites – January 2019

Time to make a summary about the makeup goodies I have loved and used enough to be able to put in this post. Only the product I really loved and used over and over again will be put in this post, and we got a nice selection of great makeup here that I am excited to share with you. Better late than never I guess, but here are my January faves!


These palettes are no brainers! The Colourpop Fame palette is in my project pan and therefor also in my monthly makeup bag for both January and Fabruary. On first sight this may look like a boring old neutral palette, but I really like that you only have cool-tones and it’s perfect for everyday makeuplooks in winter! The quality is off course really really good too, and the palettes hold every single shade I need with plenty of transition shades, some deep mattes to put along the lash line or deepen the look, and some stunning shimmer shade to spice things up.

The Juvia’s Place Festival Palette also captured my heart. You probably all know how much I adore this brand and their eyeshadows and the quality of this is up to their usual high standard. I had so much fun playing around with this doing makeup looks for a future post, and the quality always makes the process of doing looks to such an effortless and joyful experience. Plus this palette has a bomb matte red!


These have been my favorite complexion combo. The Eco Soul Real Fit Foudation looks so natural on the skin while still giving a good medium coverage. The shade is also perfect right now. My favorite way to use it has been with a couple of drops of the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in “Celestial” for that glow from within kind of look.


I also got two blush favorites to talk about. Now that I don’t have a blush to work through in my project pan it really gives me time to play around and enjoy the number of blushes I already own. These two are fairly new because I got them both in December, but I have been reaching for these two so much. And I obviously have a thing for peach blushes right now! The Mary Kay Sheer Dimensions Powder in “Lace Coral” was a Christmas present, and it’s so pretty, both in the pan and on the cheeks. the Juvia’s Place Serafino blush is kind of similar in shade but a bit more intense and almost matte on the skin.


And I just had to add a close up of the Mary Kay blush because of the beautiful print in the pan. I am not the only one with a weakness for pretty prints like this right? Almost hurt to dip my brush into it!


The Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in “Lunch Money” have been in my collection for two years now, and has quite a nice pan by now. The famous “Flexitarian” has been with me a bit shorter, but they both have in common that I have been using them tons through January. I’ve always enjoyed the SSH formula, but it’s not untill recently that I have absolutely fallen in love with them! I used Lunch Money almost every single week day for my day time makeup looks, and for the evening and weekends Flexitarian was very much reached for. Both stunning highlighters but quite different. Lunch Money is perfect for a more subtle glow while Flexitarian is your trusted nighttime light beam!

When I haven’t been using the SSH from Colourpop this stunning Becca Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette is what I have been using. Not only as a cheek highlighter, but I have been loving this as my browbone or inner corner highlighter as well! I think the formula in this palette is better than the usual Becca highlighter formula. It’s so intense and glowy!

Talking about Becca, this Sunrise Waves bronzer has been my go-to. Such a gorgeous glowy bronzer, and you even got some opal highlighter along the edge that can both be just a highlighter, or swirled into the product for an extra glowy bronze look.

And last but to least, I have been swooning over these Glitterally Obsessed glitter gels by Colourpop, and this color “Puffin” is the one I have been reaching for the most. I think the name is just adorable thing to but that may just be because I have been working a but with Puffins in the past. And the name just brings back fond memories of these parrots of the sea. The glitter in a gel format is also super handy. Goodbye glitter fallout!

What has been your favorite makeup item lately?



3 thoughts on “Makeup Favorites – January 2019


    The Flexitarian highlighter is actually the only highlighter I ever emptied completley. I was so proud of myself. 😀 Also the Fsetival palette is definitely among my favourites of Juvias Place. It is just so intense, but on the same time pretty wearable. Adore it! You have been working with Puffins? That sounds like so much fun. You seem to have a lot of bound with nature as you also explained the beautiful story about how you were in a kanu on top of whale once. I love that!

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    1. Using up a whole highlighter is quite something! But it makes sense with Flexitarian. It’s so stunning! 😍 And yes I actually have a masters degree in marine biology and was working with seabirds for a while. Thats why I know puffins☺️ It’s fun but you do get pooped on every day 😅


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