Anastasia Norvina Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Every time Anastasia release a new palette the whole beauty community is buzzing about it and you will soon find countless looks and videos about them. Now as usual I am late to the game with my reviews, but now the time has finally come to review the famous Norvina palette.


As with every palette released since the Modern Renaissance this one has the same format and the same velvet cover. This time it is purple which does not make it any less dirt resistant than the others. As I have said before, even though they look pretty I wish they would redesign this standard. We saw a different finish with the never release Sultry, so I hope that’s what they stick to.


I am wondering if the purple cover makes the Norvina palette seem more like a purple palette than it is. The only shades I would call purple toned are Soul, Celestial and Drama.The rest are neutrals, pinks, golds and rose gold. A pretty selection indeed, but much less purple than the first impression I got of this. For me that’s completely fine since purple is not my favorite shade. When it comes to color blues, greens, reds, orange and yellows all come before purple in my list of preference. Now, I do enjoy using a purple here and there anyway.

You get 14 shades with this palette, as have become a norm with Anastasia palettes. This time you get a larger selection of shimmer shades than usual. Both Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, Prism and Subculture all had a majority of mattes but here you get a nice 50/50 distribution. The whole top row are shimmers, while the whole bottom row are mattes, I have to admit I am all for it. I am a sucker for pretty shimmers, so as long as a palette has enough mattes to get the basics covered I am happy, besides I really like the shimmer formula of Anastasia eyeshadows since they are usually really reflective and sparkly.


I think the composition of the palette is nice. It seems well thought through. You get base which is off course a base shade. Incense, Volatile and Eccentric all work as crease shades for me, and I like that you get a selection of both cool-toned and warm-toned crease shades. You also get Soul that works nicely if you want an all purple look, and Love that work well if you want an all pink look. The only thing I think is missing from the matte shades are a properly dark shade. Passion is the darkest one and I would prefer something a little bit darker to properly deepen up the look, and at the same time could work as a liner. Passion is just a little bit too light for that use in my opinion. It’s nothing wrong with that shade though, I would’ve just liked to see something a little bit deeper.

The shimmers are stunning as they usually are. Dreamer is more finely milled, but the rest have tiny flecks of glitter in them. They all swatch and apply beautifully, but you do get quite some fallout especially with the deeper shades. The shade Celestial is maybe a bit more sheer in coverage than the rest of them, but it can be built up. The formula is super soft as we are used to from Anastasia and look almost foiled on the eyes. No need to pull out that setting spray to dampen the brush here (although it will help prevent fallout). I think both the quality and pigmentation of these shadows are up to par with Anastasia’s usual quality, although Celestial could be a bit less sheer.


The mattes are also as they usually are. So soft that you go though them in no time, but the pigmentation and blend-ability is really good. The only shade I had a bit of trouble with was Soul. I am a bit bummed about this because that was also one of the stand out shades in the palette. It is pigmented but I had to layer it a bit to get just the same shade as you see in the pan. Or, when I pack it on the lid with a flay brush it works fine straight away. The problems appeared when I used a blending brush to put it in the crease. First of all the payoff was not as good as with the other mattes and it needed a bit of build up. Second, it applied patchy. I had problems blending it out in the outer crease  and keep the shade nice and even. I was almost like it decided to stick better to some parts of the crease than others.

I would have to say that this is not my favorite palette by Anastasia. Both because Soul was kind of a dud, and I am not the biggest fan of purples. There are plenty of non-purple shades in the palette so I guess that’s not the biggest issue to overcome. I am happy I got it though, I am sure I will get some decent use out of it, but I have to say I do like both Soft Glam, Subculture and Modern Renaissance better meaning this won’t even get to my top three list.


As always with Anastasia shadows I feel like you have  to be OK with them being so softly pressed and crumbly, meaning you will got through these eyeshadows pretty fast. But if you don’t consider that an issue and like the color story then this is well worth picking up, because they do perform nicely. Unless you were planning on picking it up for the shade Soul, then just skip it because that’s not a good shade.

Do you have this palette? How do you like it?

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10 thoughts on “Anastasia Norvina Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. I really wanted this pallet because I wanted more purple in my collection, but I think you were right about the cover fooling everyone lol. It really doesn’t have a lot of purple in it! I still think I will pick this up eventually though because the rest of the shades are pretty too 🙂

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    1. I agree, the rest of the shades are pretty too. So if you wants neutral palette with a few purples it’s really good. But if you were actually looking for a purple palette this is not the best I think. Then I would ratcher pick up the new from Colourpop. Cheaper and a lot more purple ☺️

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    Totally agree on the shade “Soul” – it is pretty difficult to work and just does not show up as beautiful as it looks in the pan. Also I find the fall out very strong in this platte. I usually never do my ezes first, but wehenever I am using this palette I kind of have to, because otherwise my wholle face glitters even with a dampend brush. I love though the pruple and the pink shimmer. They are definitely my favourites in the palette. Also Dreamer is a beautiful inner corner highlight. Very good review of the Norvina palette. Spot on as usual! 🙂

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