Colourpop Supernova Shadows – Review!

Colourpop was fairly quick to hop on the liquid eyeshadow trend and they have been releasing a number of shades and different finishes since they first released them.

Since I do have a small collection of them with a bit of different finished I figured I wanted to share my experiences with you guys.

Shade names from left to right: Mothership, Dragon, Uf-Woha, Prelude, Constellation, Now or Never, Astrology.

the formulas are a bit different on these. Some of them have a bit of glitter in them, while other are just shimmer shades with no glitter. None of these are matte, although I would like to see them release some matte shades! The shades with glitter in are of course a bit more chunky. I also found that after a few hours wear I would have some glitter flecks under my eyes and in my lashes. Not much, but a few flecks here and there. Much less than with a regular loose glitter though!

Shade names: Mothership, Dragon, Uf-Woha, Prelude, Constellation, Now or Never, Astrology.

The shimmer shades have a very nice sheen to them, but without the glitter particles. For that reason I felt like they were a bit more smooth and actually a bit more light weight on the eyes. The ones with glitter looks very pretty of course, but my personal preference are these ones without glitter. They are perfect to do a cut crease with!

Another thing is that the darker shades need two coats. The swatches are all in two layers. The lighter shades look nice in just one swipe, but I found especially the green one “Mothership” to be a bit share.


The tube that holds the product looks strikingly similar to their concealer tube, and the applicator has that similar bendy wand. I found the wand easy to work with and I managed to make a clean cut-crease using just the wand. I did not feel like I had to go in with a precise brush to tidy up the line, the wand works well enough on it’s own.


I find staying power to be pretty good! I had no problems with creasing or cracking of the shadows from a full day wear. The only thing is as mentioned that the glitter particles can fall out a bit but not unreasonably much. I prefer the feel of the lighter shimmer shades as they feel more lightweight on the eyes than the darker shades that needs two coats or the glitter shades that appear a bit more chunky.

The issues these liquid shadows have are easy to work around. They dry fairly fast, so adding a second layer does not take much extra time, and a tiny bit of glitter fallout is fair enough. I am not convinced these are the best liquid eyeshadows out there, but the great staying power and affordable price tag makes them more than approved in my mind.

I do have some bad experience with some of Colourpops products drying up really fast, like their Super Shock Shadows or eyeliner pencils, so I was a bit worried there liquid eyeshadows could potentially dry out or change consistency after a short time, but after having some of them for over a year I find them to work just as well as new. Which is also great.

Overall I am quite happy with their performance, and I would like to pick up more shades in the future. However I would stay clear of the darker shades. And I would love to see a matte version of these in the future!

Did you try these? What are your thought? And what are your favorite liquid eyeshadows? Leave a comment and let me know what’s worth trying.



13 thoughts on “Colourpop Supernova Shadows – Review!

  1. lovely review!! I found that their blushes expired super fast, I had my blush for over a year, I know that it’s bad to keep a product after its expiration date but some blushes still work the same. Theirs, don’t, it completed dried out and it’s actually my favorite blush so I am very pissed :p I am not a big fan of these liquid eyeshadows, they require a lot coats for them to show but they are SUPER long lasting, I agree with you!!

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    1. I haven’t tried their blushes just for that same reason. I heard they dry up fast. And since I like to rotate my collection and I have quite a few blushes I would probably only be able to use them a few times before they dry up. I don’t like the super shock shadows for the same reason, but luckily they have plenty of other good shadows 😄

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    Did not try those so far. Have been curious, but somehow I am always a bit hesitant when it comes to liquid eyeshadows. Maybe one day I will go for it keeping your advice in mind to better pick up the lighter colours 🙂


      1. sarahscupofbeauty

        It’s not for everyone :D. It’s very different from the shadows we know. And also, you can’t really do the hyper detailed looks. Jeffrey Star did a review from the Kit Kat pallet, and he didn’t like half of the shades… But I truly think it looks very flattering! xoxo Sarah

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