Top 3 Luxury Brands in 2018!

So it’s time for the final top brands post. If you missed them be sure to check out my top 3 affordable makeup brands in 2018 and my top 3 high end brands of 2018. Now it’s time to dive into some proper luxury items, and talk about my very favorite luxury brands of 2018! So here they are, in to specific order, the best of luxury 2018:


Natasha Denona:Β  I have talked so much about how I love Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes it was natural to have this brand among my top 3 luxury brands of last year. I have said over and over again that my top three favorite brands for eyeshadows are Colourpop, Juvia’s Place and Natasha Denona. If I could only pick one of them I have to say Natasha Denona would be the one I picked. The formula on both the mattes and shimmers/metallics are beautiful but the mattes in particular are so dreamy. Now, the price point is horrific, but I just can’t help but loving her palettes for their great quality.


Charlotte Tilbury: Almost everything I’ve tried from this brand has been a hit! Every product on this picture is well loved favorites. The Hollywood Flawless Filter was a new discovery for me this year, and is absolutely one of my most loved and used product of the year! You can read the full review about that one here if you are particularly interested. The matte red lipstick called “The Queen” is also an absolutely divine shade! And not only are most of the products I’ve tried amazing, but the whole brand has such a luxurious look and feel to it.


Hourglass: This is the final brand, and even though I only own three product the brand as a whole gives such an impressive impression that I am already in love with the brand. This is the kind of brand where you wonder if they can do any wrong at all. I have Ambient Strobe Lightning Powder, a travel size bronzer and a blush from the brand and all of them are big favorites! This is for sure a brand I will pay more attention too in 2019, and hopefully collect more items because all these products are just beautiful!

What would be your luxury brand favorites for 2018? Or just your favorite brand?




10 thoughts on “Top 3 Luxury Brands in 2018!


    I a 100% agree on Natasha Denona. Such an amazing formula and so smooth. Especially the mattes are like a whole new level. You were actually the final reas<on why I eventually bought my fisrt palette from her and now I have 3 of her bigger ones (Lila, Gold and Sunset) and one of her mini palettes and also a highlighter and a foundation πŸ˜€ And all of those products I absolutely love. From Hourglass I only have one ambient lightning palette and got the caution mascara as a sample for free. But both are great quality. From Charlotte Tillbury I only own the Flawless Filter and also deeply love it. So I guess I can support all your picks πŸ˜€ But for sure PMG would have to make it into one of those ratings for me as well. Just deeply love and adore everything I have from mother Pat πŸ™‚

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        With a price tag like this I am sure there will always be people to whom it will never worth it. But I like that we can be obsessed with ND together πŸ˜€

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