Soph X Makeup Revolution Extra Spice Palette – Review & Swatches!


The second collab palette between Sophdoesnails and Makeup Revolution. I do own the first palette, and was satisfied with how it performed. The shadow quality is not mind blowing in any way. Not so that you are sitting there wondering how on earth did they make such great shadows for such an affordable price, but more than decent the price considered. Overall, happy enough to want to get also the second collab palette.


This time it is a tiny bit different. It actually looks a bit like they took the feedback and did something with it. The packaging is pretty. The design is similar to the first palette but with the colors reversed. It does have the same decent sized mirror, but the big difference is that they put in less shades, but added shade names in the actual palette instead of putting it on a plastic sheet. It still has 18 shadows compared to the first palettes 24 shadows. 18 is still more than enough to put in the basic shades you need AND add a lot of interesting colors, so I don’t feel at all that it’s a drawback that it has fewer shades. I much prefer to have the names in the palette, so in my eyes this is a big improvement. We all loose those plastic sheets right??


Although I don’t really think the color selection in this palette is “Extra Spicy” I do think it is nice. Mainly suitable for neutral looks, but you do have the option of adding a little bit of color. Most of the colors are very wearable, like the greens and berries, but the red and yellow actually gives a little pop of color you can use. I got an overwhelming urge to do sunset looks with this, as I usually do when a palette has a matte red, orange and yellow. And I did! You can see some suggested ways to use this palette in Mondays blog post where I showcase 8 looks I did creating this. It does show that this palette is quite versatile since you can do anything from berries, forest green looks, bright yellow gold, dark black and silver or you can just use the browns and neutral shimmers for everyday looks.


the quality is very similar to the first palette. Overall the shades are decent. They will probably not blow your socks off or be the best eyeshadows you ever tried, but I think for most people they will work satisfactory. I think my favorite shade in the palette is Infinity which is a shimmery silver. It has both nice pigmentation and shine and looks as bright on the eyes as in the pan. Romance and Aurora are also shimmery, but in contrast to Infinity they were not as shiny on the lids. More like muted shimmers. I found that all of the matte browns worked well, only Brownies needed some extra blending work to look seamless, but after all it’s expected that a dark shade needs a bit more blending than a mid-toned. Enchanted and Lakes where probably the shades I was the least happy with. They appear a bit lighter in shade on the eyes than on the lids, and I found that they could be a bit patchy especially in the outer crease (if I have problems with patchiness that’s usually where I get them). The brighter shades like the orange, yellow and red needed to be built up, but other than that they worked nicely. I want to particularly mention Twenty One which is actually a red. Reds usually look a bit pink or a bit orange, but to me this one is a proper red!

Overall decent quality, with only e few shades that did not work that well. For the price of only 10Β£ I am very happy with how it worked.


So which one is better, the original or Extra Spice? I would say the eyeshadow formula is pretty much the same on both of them, so it’s not a matter of quality. Both palettes have the basics you need in addition to adding a bit of color, or go dramatic. The Extra Spice a bit more so than the original palette. The original palette has 24 shades and this one has 18. I think, if I had to choose, that I would pick this. That’s just because of my preference of a bit more colorful shades and that I love that the shade names are actually in the palette, but I do find the quality to be the same. With that said I am happy I have both and I intend to keep both too.

Which one would you prefer? Original or Extra Spice?



9 thoughts on “Soph X Makeup Revolution Extra Spice Palette – Review & Swatches!

    1. I really like their Conceal&Define concealer, the fast base stick foundation, the revolution pro Supreme Highlighter in Metal, the jewel collection eyeshadow palette gilded has some incredible foiled shades and I also really like their new mascara! 😊

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    Really well put together on how this palette performs. I Agree a 100%. I do like the colour selection more than in the first palette, since it has some of more unusual shades. And I think it is a great palette for someone who just gets into makeup and just wants to play around with different eyeshadows without having too intimidating colours.

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    1. I really like how versatile it is. And even though it’s not the best formula out there it’s still pretty decent and all colors work in the end ☺️ not mad about it, but I am under the impression that the Soph palettes are a bit better than the usual MUR formula. But I never tried those chocolate palettes they keep releasing a ton of. I have not been able to test the two 4Β£ palettes yet, but the Subculture dupe will be interresting πŸ˜…

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        It is true, the Soph palettes are among my best from MR. The chocolate ones I also never tried, since I have quite some of the original choclate bars from two faced. So I never felt the need to pick them up.

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