December 2018 Haul!

Or actually, this is not a December haul. Because everything I ordered in December haven’t arrived yet due to postal services being so awfully slow here around Christmas time, or around black Friday, or anytime really. Point being, except one little thing I picked up in store I didn’t get any of my December hauls yet. But I did get a few things I ordered in November, so we will have some new stuff to go through anyway.


So this is everything I added to my collection in December. Only pretty things off course, but this looks very modest compared to my November haul which I recommend reading if you 1.Like makeup porn or 2.needs a confirmation that I am not sane. Because I did some serious hauling that month!


My Violet Voss Flamingo palette finally arrived (I think I ordered it in October actually). I fell in love with the looks of it since it was released and I aaaalmost made an order from Sephora because ages before it reached Europe. But I forgot about it, and thought I didn’t really need it. Until I found it on sale at BeautyBay! Now I am very happy I picked it up. It’s so fun and summery. In other words perfect for the season right!


The Juvia’s Place Serafino blush is a gorgeous peach blush. It’s so pigmented but blends nicely on the face. I have really been loving this! The Balm Mary Dew Manizer was the only thing I picked up in store. I do love the powder version so I decided to give this liquid one a try. It looks very similar to the original, just a bit more subtle.


This beautiful Mary Kay blush was a Christmas gift from a friend. I just think the pattern is so lovely I barely want to use it, but it’s a gorgeous color! A toned down peach with a satin finish. So lovely!


And last but not least came some contributions to my Juvia’s Place collection! When I get my December order I will have all the palettes except the Warrior II. So my mission of collecting all Juvia’s Place palettes are soon completed. These palettes have such an amazing formula and the quality is so consistent! Not to mention all the gorgeous color stories. Forever a big time fan of Juvia’s Place palettes and I am so happy to have the Festival Palette, The Afrique Palette and the Nubian Palette in my collection.

Did you pick up something fun this month? Or are you doing a low-buy as a new years resolution? I am going to try to not pick up as many palettes, but it’s so hard!

Also, please add me on Instagram if you haven’t. I would love to see you there too!

18 thoughts on “December 2018 Haul!

      1. entitymodel

        The Sizzle palette is even more gorgeous in person. Online, I rated it a ‘meh.’ In person, I was like… “TAKE MY MONEY!” The mattes are not super pigmented, as a warning, but once you build them the finish is A+ flawless. I have a review of my own coming soon.



    Indeed this haul is very modest compared to November πŸ˜€ But i guess the January haul will be epic then with all the things that have not arrived in time for this post. πŸ™‚ So naturally I am looking forward πŸ™‚ I love the Festival Palette from Juvias. I think is one of the most amazing ones from them. It is just sooo beautiful and that red matte in there is just one of the best red mattes I have. Are you also gonna pick up the Tribe palette. I imagine it would be really up your alley πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha, yes! The tribe palette is safe and sound in my drawer. So there is a spoiler alert for the January hauls. I think I did pretty good in January actually, but I have quite a pile to work through from November anyway 🀭

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