Top 3 Affordable Makeup Brands in 2018!

I did this blog series last year too, where I do three different blog posts talking about the top 3 affordable brands, top 3 high-end brands and top 3 luxury brands. Since it’s always a lot of fun evaluating favorites I decided to do the same this year.

Today we go through the 3 affordable brands I have been using and loving the most throughout the year. Making this little list was soooo easy this year. I just knew right from the top of my head what the brands would be. So let’s talk some makeup!

My top 3 affordable brands (in no particular order:

1st – Makeup Revolution/Revolution Pro

I group Makeup Revolution and Revolution Pro in once because many people (including me) don’t really know the difference. I think it’s been a couple of years now since my first Makeup Revolution order, and it was not the best success. I mean, some products where OK, some where below average, but I did not find anything that amazed me within the first orders. But lately, since they did their re-branding, I am under the impression that the overall quality has improved a lot! I found several gorgeous highlighters, some everyday staple lipstick and even some quite good eyeshadow palettes. And everything it cheap as chips as well!

Things I love that I would like to mention is theri highlighters. They have so many good ones but the Highlighter trio and the Radiance highlighter stands out a bit from the crowd in my opinion. They also released some really good lip toppers with their holliday collection, and off course I cannot forget to mention their big big hit, the Conceal & Define concealer!

2nd – Colourpop

Off course I had to mention Colourpop. I thing this is the brand I have purchased the most items from throughout the whole year. Partly because the constantly put out new releases, and partly because they are super affordable with great quality. Most of the things I’ve tried from them I have enjoyed (a few exceptions do exist though).

The one Colourpop product that are closest to my heart is off course their eyeshadow palettes. The quality is unbeatable for the price. Their eyeshadow formula is among my top three formulas, and that’s including every brand I’ve ever tried from the cheapest drugstore to the most high end luxury formulas. Their palettes have become like Pokemons. Gotta catch them all!

3rd – Juvia’s Place

On more brand that offers amazing quality eyeshadows for a low cost is Juvia’s Place. I fell in love with their formula when I tried the Magic palette, and I have made it a mission to collect every single eyeshadow palette since then. I am actually doing pretty good on that mission, and I will soon have them all. This brand does not dissapoint. Not only do they have a killer metallic formula, they also have an amazing price point. The palettes are cheap in the first place, but you find them on sale so often you can get them for even less than a Colourpop palette!

I love their eyeshadow palettes and are also a big fan of their blushes. The packaging is also so quirky and fun! Can’t wait to see what this brand has planned for us in 2019!

If you had to pick one or three favorite affordable brands this past year what would it be? I am curious to know!

I at least am very excited to see what all these three brands have in store for us in 2019.



27 thoughts on “Top 3 Affordable Makeup Brands in 2018!

    1. Colourpop release stuff all the time πŸ˜… I am sure they will do something awesome in 2019 too. But I think I am even more curious to se if juvias place will expand their line ☺️


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    Love all of those as well! MUR can be very hit and miss, but I do have a couple of things from them that I enjoy. But I guess on their spot in the affordable category I would have put maybe some brand like BH cosmetics, Essence or Catrice. I just feel like with those I have less products I do not like. With BH it would be only for releases from 2018 though. But I do think you put a great top 3 together here.

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    1. Bh cosmetics really impressed me with the weekend festival palette! But I have only tried eyeshadows and brushes from them, and I honestly can not say I love the brushes. But they seem to release some fantastic eyeshadows lately and I will for sure test more from the brand. Sadly both essence and catrice are almost impossible to get here in Norway and I only have one or two products from each brand. I love all of those products and would like to try more, but my only option is ebay 🀭



        Really? I did not think that they would be so hard to get ahold of in Norway since botzh are german brands. So wierd sometimes how those companies decide where to be sold and where not. If you ever feel the urge to make a haul for those 2 brands I would be more than happy to get it for you and ship it to you. It would be really my pleasure.


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