Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick – Review!

Liquid lipsticks can be tricky! Especially the ones that dry down matte and transfer proof. If you find a bad one you are left with lips that look more like a grandmas raisin lips than the beautiful pout you wanted to begin with, or your lips can get so dry and sore you cant even wear lip products the next day, or they just crumble apart in a very unflattering way. But, if you are lucky and find a good one you get a comfortable lip color that just last and last and you don’t have to worry a bit about.

I have encountered several bad ones throughout my search for good lippies, but I also found some amazingly good ones, like the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks or the Smashbox Always On! I would highly recommend any of those if you have trouble finding a liquid lipstick you like. The Dose of Colors liquid lipstick also got quite some rave. So I got curious.


I picked it up in three different shades: Berry Me 2, Talk Is Chic, and Stone. One deep purple berry, one cool-toned red berry shades and one cool-toned nude. The packaging is similar to Jeffree Star, and even the applicator is very similar. It’s one of those doe-foot applicators with a groove that hugs the lip and makes the product easy to apply. The tube is frosted and the cap is silver and white. I like the looks of them.


The formula is super comfortable too. I don’t find these to feel drying. They actually feel very light weight and stay comfortable for hours and hours. The longevity is very good. I have been wearing them for 8 hours without any problems. I love love love Stone! It’s been featured in one of my favorites posts already. Talk is Chic is also a lovely color. I haven’t been using it as much as Stone, but that’s mainly because I wear nudes more often than berries and reds. The deep berry shade Berry Me 2 was the only one that disappointed me a bit. The formula is just not pigmented enough and it’s hard to put on evenly on the lips without it looking streaky. It looks fine if you do two layers, but that also compromise how the lipstick feel. It’s just more light weight and comfy with one coat. I don’t now if this is a general problem with the formula and the deeper shades or if it’s only this one. I will at least prefer to pick up nudes or red toned shades instead because I really love how the other two perform.


I am not convinced these are as good as my beloved Velour Liquid Lipsticks or Always On, but they are not that far away either, at least not Stone and Talk is Chic. I would absolutely be happy to pick of more shades in this formula because it really is lovely and I do get why so many people seem to like them. They may even be good enough to me among my top three!

What is your favorite liquid lipsticks?




6 thoughts on “Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick – Review!

  1. S | VividlyLovely

    My favorite liquid lipsticks are probably the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, as they’re not as heavy and feel more like a matte lipstick to me than anything else, and with my already-dry lips, liquid lipstick is difficult to wear, for all the reasons you said in the beginning! Great review, and love your swatches! 💕

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    1. It’s been maybe ten years or so since I had one of the soft matte lip cream. It was long before liquid lipsticks became I thing. I can’t really remember how they compare to products now adays. I think I may have to test them out again 😅

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      1. S | VividlyLovely

        That’s true, the Soft Matte Lip Creams came out before the liquid lipstick craze! I think they hold up very well! They’re not quite as pigmented as some other formulas, but very smooth and comfortable! 😊

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    Oh I love the DOC liquid mattes. But I have to say that I only have kind of nudish colours and none of the more colourful ones. But I heard here and there sometimes that the deeper colours are sometimes tricky and that seems to refelct your experience. So I guess I am gonna stay with the nudes for now 🙂 My favourite is the shade Truffle.

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