GLF Cosmetics Princesa Azteca Palette – Review & Swatches!

I stumbled upon this brand just by chance on Instagram, and it seems to be a very small indie brand with a small selection of products. It was something about this palette that made me buy it instantly. I really like the looks of it, and since it was just an unknown brand I happened to stumble upon by chance I was maybe a bit afraid I would forget about it and never see it again. So I took y chances!

The palette is huge! With 30 different eyeshadows both neutral and colorful you have quite a selection to pick from! I do like palettes that offers great options for both neutral and colorful looks alike.

The packaging is cardboard but it feels very heavy and robust. And inside you get a gigantic mirror you could easily to a full face of makeup with. The design is simple and white with a lady that I assume represents an Aztec princess on the front. The cardboard has a glossy finish that makes it easy to keep clean even though it’s white. On the back you get the ingredients list, and two pieces of information that might be important to you. One, It’s cruelty free. Two, it’s paraben free.

I was very excited to see the quality of this. I had heard absolutely nothing about it, and the brand in general was unfamiliar to me. So I had no idea what to expect. The colors really spoke to me so I took a chance. I took the palette and started off with the grass green matte and blended it out in the crease and I was blown away both bu how pigmented the shadow was, but also how easy it was to blend! The matte green is a phenomenal matte!

I actually think that the mattes overall are good. They are not all as great as the green. I didn’t at all find any bad ones, but there was a difference in performance on the very good ones and say the purple and reds. Those work satisfactory too, but they need a bit more work as these kind of colors usually do. The purple could get a bit patchy and needed careful blending and layering to look good, but that was also the trickiest shade to work with. The matte blue swatch terribly, but I was happy about how it worked on the eyes. It looked more pigmented on the eyes than what it did on my arm swatch.

There was a bit difference among the metallic shades too. Some of them where you know, normal. Good, works well and has a nice shine to them. But some of the shades were absolutely insane! The gold shade is almost like a cream, and so intensely pigmented and foiled it completely blew my mind. I have to say, this shade and the matte green makes the palette worth the money on their own. That gold is just out of this world. I have countless golds, but I don’t have any other that are this intensely pigmented with such a nice foiled finish. It almost doesn’t look like a powder. It makes me a bit sad that they don’t have more shades like this. There are plenty of other fantastic metallics in this palette, I mean just look at the metallic blue and the stunning metallic browns. Those are really good, but that gold……is mind-blowing!

I think overall the quality is solid. I didn’t really have any issues with it quality wide other than the purple and reds need a bit of extra work to look perfect. These shades also stain the lids quite extensively though. So if you don’t like that then there is a potential issue because I found that the stain lasted for quite some time. I could still see it the next day even after makeup remover, shower, sleep and exercise.

But the amazing quality of the foiled gold and the matte green makes me feel like there is unused potential here. Because even though the rest of the metallics are pretty and of good quality, they are no where near the gold. I felt the same way about the mattes. They were good, but the green was just next level. I would have loved to see a palette filled with shades with those two formulas. That would be the palette of the year for sure! I am still happy with how this palette works though. I just feel like they really nailed the formula with a few of the shades that make the others pale a but in comparison even though the rest of the shades are good too.

I do love that you get such a large variety. I am a big fan of palettes that has a good selection of both neutral and colorful instead of having just a pop of color. It#s really hard to do anything fun with just a pop, and it#s nice having the option to go neutral as well, so I think this palette did that very well because you have about half and half with colors and neutrals. I also really like that there is a good variety and you on#t get many repetitive shades. The only two shades I found that were a bit too similar was “Metxtli” and “Montezuma” *the two reds. You can tell them apart in the pan, but I found it very hard to see a difference between those two on the eyes. But the rest of the shades have a nice variety to them.


In the end testing out this palette from a completely unknown brand ended up being a good thing. I really do like the quality, and I really do like all the looks I could do with it. I like the variety and color selection and I absolutely love love love the gold and green! The only downside is that they are so good I want more of them! If this brand release a foiled eyeshadow palette I would buy it in a heartbeat!

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4 thoughts on “GLF Cosmetics Princesa Azteca Palette – Review & Swatches!


    Since the palette is sold out I am happy I am only really missing out on 2 shades as it appears. πŸ˜€ I will keep them on my radar though and see if they maybe are coming out with this foiled palette πŸ™‚ That would be great!! It is always nice to try a new indie brand and it turn out well and it wasn’t a huge waste of money, since indie can be also quite pricey.

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    1. I love trying indie brands too! It’s always nice to support a small business I think 😊 I really hope they release a palette with more foiled shades like the gold because that one was so unique. I mean, a gold is not very unique but the pigment and intensity was crazy 😍

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        It is always hard to beat a very very well done staple colour. Like all super unique colours are always pretty, but in the day to day we go more to the staples and then it is always just the best if you find one of this staples done in an amazing way


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