Revolution Pro Supreme Highlighter “Metal” – Review!

If you call something Supreme Highlighter it better be good even though it only cost 5£. I picked up one of the supreme highlighter trios in the shade “Metal” which has a champagne, a light gold and a bronze gold shade. Thy do have the palettes in a few different color options as well but this was the one that swayed me.


I have usually been lucky with highlighters from Makeup Revolution so this one from Revolution Pro I had high hopes for. And this one did not disappoint. The swatch was like butter and just went on and on with rich pigment. There is no glitter in this, just a metallic sheen.


They all look absolutely gorgeous on the skin. They are pretty intense, but you can off course tone them down with a light hand. One thing I really like is that there is absolutely no glitter or shimmer. It’s just a metallic sheen that is super reflective and I think these kind of highlighters are the most flattering on the skin. If you want to get the idea then think about Maybelline Master Chrome that has a very similar finish, but these one from Revolution Pro actually swatch and apply even more intense. They are THAT metallic. Now, this may start to sound a bit too much for some, but again, a light hand makes it much less scary. If you want to apply a subtle highlighter without having to be overly careful then this is not for you though. This is for the glow queens!


I am actually absolutely in awe about how rich, smooth, reflective and beautiful these highlighters are without having a trace of shimmer in them. I think I need to pick up some of the other shades because this must be one of the better highlighter formulas in my collection (and I am probably over 150 highlighters at the moment so that says something). I am just so impressed!


The packaging is simple with a plastic palette with a clear lid, but the powders themselves has a beautiful wave imprint. Not the most luxurious packaging but hey, you get 3 stunning highlighters with a bomb formula for only 5£. It’s an absolute steal!

If good and cheap is your thing, then I think you can like this. I am in love and need to get some more shades for sure!



6 thoughts on “Revolution Pro Supreme Highlighter “Metal” – Review!

    1. Me too ❤️ I don’t know if I’ve been just particularly lucky with products lately but I think they got a lot of great things lately 😍 And they usually can do pretty good highlighters too. This one is so dreamy 😍

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    MUR can be such a hit and this one seems to be one of those hits. Their highlighters are usually pretty excellent – I only have the highlighter Palette in collaboration with sophdoesnails and another, that I cannot recall the name of, but they are both absolutely great and I love to reach for them. Also when I swatch them in store they usually all feel really smooth. And I am definitely here for this extra metallic sheen 🙂

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        It is great indeed. But of course not all shades will work as a highlight for us, but that is a risk I was willing to take 😀


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