Ofra Feelin’ Myself Highlighter Palette – Review & Swatches!

When I decided to dive info Ofra cosmetics and try one of their very famous highlighters I picked out this handy Feelin’ Myself Highlighter Palette with three of their popular shades. I figured this would be a nice way to get to know the formula, and get a few different shades for a decent price. All of these shades are available either as singles or in different palettes.


The highlighters are a bit smaller then their regular size (but who finish up a highlighter anyways!) and you get Blissful, Pillow Talk and Rodeo Drive. All very well loved, versatile and famous shades. The packaging is simple and black, and honestly looks a bit cheap for being high end. You do get a nice mirror though.


But off course, content counts, and these three highlighters delivers a brilliant, high shine without the glitter in a buttery smooth formula that glides on your skin like an absolute dream! The formula is simply stunning and I can see why people love this so much!


One of the best things about these in my opinion it that they really pack a punch without having any shimmer or glitter. It’s more of the metallic sheen that I just love! I actually love this formula so much that I didn’t wait that long before picking up an additional highlighter (Blind the haters) in full size!


If you like an intense glow, and prefer a highlighter with no glitter then I highly recommend the Ofra highlighter formula! They are a bit up there in price, but in my opinion these are superior to Becca highlighters (which are not bad by any means) so you do get the great quality you pay for!

Did you try Ofra highlighters?




4 thoughts on “Ofra Feelin’ Myself Highlighter Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. Bia.and.the.makeup

    I have the same trio and absolutely agree on every single word you said abou them. They have siuch a great formula and have high blinding sheen without being glittery (which i personally do not mind, but still prefer no glitter over glitter). I love the colour pillow talk. What is your favourite shade?

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    1. I think I like pillow talk best for winter and blissful for summer 😍 The formula is so nice, but one thing that frustrates me a bit with Ofra is all the palettes they keep on releasing where they repeat the shades over and over again. They have one new trio with the white packaging but I don’t see the point when I already own one or two of the shades 😅 But I am eyeing a few of their singles like cloud nine 😍


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