BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlight 6 Color Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is a treasure I’ve been hiding around in my drawers from quite some time. But if you have been a long term follower on my Instagram you may have seen me mention this before, because I know I did a review of it back when I didn’t have a blog and I actually posted full reviews on Instagram! Now, Instagram is more of a visual platform, so for someone who likes to go in depth with my reviews I needed somewhere where text and content was also important. So I figured it would not hurt to repeat the old Instagram review with a proper one on the blog. After all this is a permanent item that is well worth mentioning!


For only 17$ you get 6 big pans of highlighter with 33 g of product alltogether. That’s a lot of highlighter! As we all know by now you rarely need to pay full price for BH Cosmetics because they are constantly having sales and great offers on their site, and I’ve seen this on discount so many times, so just wait for the right time to pick it up would be my advice. They come in a cardboard palette that feels heavy and pretty solid, and it has a very decent sized mirror inside.


You get a nice selection of golds, bronze and pink highlighters. I think this selection is good for fair to maybe light medium skin tones. Personally I can use every single shade, and only “Radiance” the darkest bronze, is too dark for winter. The rest are all year shades and my skin s light and neutral. I can imagine these being a bit too pale if you have a darker skin tone, or at least several of the lighter shades would not be very flattering. So unfortunately this is not a palette that fits everyone as the base of the highlighters are fairly light. If you are within the light skin tone range you will probably find good use out of this, because even though the palette is not very versatile over a large range of skin tones, all of the shades or at least most of them are suitable if you have a light complexion.  The formula on these highlighters are so good, so I kind of wish they would release a palette for dark/medium skin too! I mean, they have three palettes that suits light skin after all, some deeper highlighter shades could not hurt!

I really do believe that permanent makeup items should have colors for every skin. If a company release a series of blushes, make one at least for every skin tone! Same with lipstick, and foundation and same with highlighters. I get why that’s not possible for all companies to do with limited edition releases but at least bigger companies should do this with their regular line. Here BH Cosmtics have three highlighter palettes in this series, so I really think they should get a darker one to complete their selection.


If you are lucky enough to match the colors in this palette, I would highly recommend them. The formula is incredibly smooth and buttery. When you touch them they feel very similar to the Juvia’s Place metallic eyeshadows actually! The powders are not glittery at all. The shimmer is very finely milled so there is no glitter which in my opinion is a good thing. Another thing that’s great about these highlighters is that they can be both subtle and intense metallic highlighters all depending on how you apply them. A light graze with a fan rush will give you a very natural glow, but a little denser brush will make it looks very intense and glowy, so you can make both out of the same highlighters depending on your look and your mood.


To be completely frank I would pick this palette over any Anastasia Glow Kit any day! It’s that good! And for the price it is an absolute steal. I love my share of luxury makeup as well but nothing beats something that is cheap and works fantastic!

This palette is an absolute bargain!



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