Review: Milani Powder Blushes “Coral Cove” and “Blossomtime Rose”.

I remember these being around for so long. I remember when I was still a Bachelor student back in 2011 finishing my first degree I was sitting and drooling over these online. Milani was not available in store at the time and there were only very few places that offered shipping to where I lived. Thinking of it, not much has changed.


So not too long ago I decided I would finally pick up one of these pretty rose blushes, and soon after I picked up another one. I got the shades “Coral Cove” (in front) and  “Blossomtime Rose”. The pigmentation is medium to soft I would say, so they are easy to apply without overdoing it, and they apply evenly without much fuzz. In other words these are quite user friendly, and you can apply them without putting too much thought on it. I also like pigmented blushes, but there is something nice about having a blush to apply that you just know won’t do you any wrong, like making you look slightly clownish when you are in a hurry and really just need to get out of the door! Coral Cove is a nice matte coral shade perfect for summer, and Blossomtime Rose is a pink with a soft golden sheen that looks good with any look. They got two more shades, but unfortunately the selection for deeper skintones is not that great. Considering they are not super pigmented and all the shades are quite pale. I thin they could with benefit release some deeper shades. Woulds a deep bright fuchsia look great with this packaging for instance? I hate it when I find blushes that are great but the color selection is mainly for fair or medium skin tones (I am looking at you too Physicians Formula!). We can just let Juvia’s Place be a great example of how to create blushes where everyone can find their shade. More of this please!


I think for being a 8.99 $ blush the packaging is quite decent. The thing that make them stand out are off course the beautiful rose pattern. The rest of the pattern is simple with clear lid and golden details. It does not have much weight to it, so it doesn’t feel expensive, but I think they look better than your average drugstore packaging and I can appreciate that. You get a LOT of product with these guys though, because they contain 17 grams of product. Compared to a MAC blush that has 6$ this is a pretty sweet deal considering how cheap they are!


I am also happy with their performance. I find that usually blush does not last longer than around 4 hours on me (with some very very few exceptions) and these lasts about that time. On my skin this is not more than expected so I am happy with it.

Actually I think everything considered these blusher are a bargain! I am hoping to pick up the shades I am missing eventually!

Have you tried these? What’s your opinion on them?

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8 thoughts on “Review: Milani Powder Blushes “Coral Cove” and “Blossomtime Rose”.


    Personally I only tried the Baked Blushes from Milani, but was always wondering how they compare. Do you find those very different than the baked ones? And you gotta tell me which blushes last longer than 4 hours on you 🙂 I need those 🙂 Lovely review, as always!!

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    1. The Physicians Formula butter blushes actually last a long long time! Very impressed by them 😊 I really like the baked formula as well. I don’t know which one I would prefer. Good choices both of them 😊

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