Certifeye The Dynasty Palette – Review & Swatches!

I have been raving on and on about the Certifeye Tropical Wonders palette which is in my opinion the best of rainbow palettes out there. So I was off course excited to see how this palette compared.

The design of this palette is very similar to the tropical wonders palette with the same slim cardboard packaging and 12 colorful shades, but the design this time is a beautiful colorful castle. It’s both beautiful and simple at the same time.


Even though this is very colorful, it’s not a rainbow palette which is good as they can be a bit repetitive. You get a nice range of blues, greens purples, reds and even a few browns for the days you want to go natural.

This differs from the tropical wonders palette in the sense that it’s not only a matte palette. 6 of the shades are shimmer shades, while the other 12  are matte. The formula of the mattes are good. I really like the matte formula of the tropical wonders palette, but I am under the impression that these mattes are even a bit better. They feel a bit smoother and blend very easy as well as being very richly pigmented. You get exactly the shade you see in the pan without having to build up the intensity. You get full on pigment from the very beginning. Event the purple shades blend with easy, and I find that purple mattes can often be a bit more work to blend out. These ones work like a dream, even blending them out in the outer corner work like a charm and they are not patchy at all. High quality mattes for sure.


The shimmers are shimmers. So don’t expect a foiled or metallic finish. That’s not what these are. Not saying they are bad in any means, they are just not in the foiled category. I find that they work a tiny bit better with a damp brush. One shade that was a bit less pigmented than what I expected was the purple shade “Wealth”. This shade is a bit on the sheer side and I definitely had to use a setting spray on the brush to get it to perform as good as the rest of them. Otherwise I had no issued with the other shimmer shades. Shimmer shades are nice, but I would love to see some high shine foiled shades from this brand to match the intensely pigmented mattes!


I think the color story match the royal theme of the palette by being rich jewel toned deeper shades. I also really like that you get one shimmer for each color-family to go with the look. You can either go monochromatic with your look, or mix and match to get a fun colorful eyelook. I think the green and blue shades are nicely put together with a shimmer, and one lighter and one darker color. I found the two matte purples to be a bit too similar on the eyes. When I used them together I found that they were pretty hard to tell apart. Also the shade “Riches” and “Cloak” does look very similar on the eyes even though you can tell them apart in the pans. So I would wish they had put in either a very dark red or a very pale purple instead of colors that are so similar. The shades are off course not bad on their own, but I think a bit more diversity in the shades would make the composition of the palette even better! I do like though that they put in a few brown shades. Even though I love color it’s nice to get the option to go neutral within a colorful palette. I think it makes the palette even more versatile.


But overall with just a few minor nitpicking flaws (or improvement potential) this is still a very good palette that I would highly recommend.


I am at least happy to have picked it up, and I would for sure do it again if I had to. I am excited to test even more palettes from the brand now, because I love a nice, fun color story to play with!

Have you tried this palette, or anything else from Certifeye? I would love to hear your opinion!





6 thoughts on “Certifeye The Dynasty Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. Bia.and.the.makeup

    The Dynasty!!! Love that one! But I do agree on the flaws, especially with the similarity in some shades. I find Certifeye does tend to have repetitive reds in their palettes. I had the same issue with the Destiny platte. But besides that I think it is a great palette as well. Did you pick up the Destiny or pre-ordered the new Affinity palette?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t pick up any of those so far, but I will for sure pick up both. However, the Affinity palette seems to have even more similar shades so I bet that will be one of the “issues” with that palette too. It sure looks pretty though 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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