Makeup Hauls October 2018!

Time for another round up if my latest contributions to my humble (just kidding) collection. A bit late this month since we are half way through November already, but that’s just life sometimes.

I am becoming more and more of a Makeup Revolution fan! Is it just me or has the overall quality of their newer released been higher than it used to be? I have become quite impressed by their products lately. Off course I had to try the new Conceal & Define Foundation and I picked it up in two shades. I was hoping one to be a nice winter shade, and the other one to fit in early spring or late fall when I am not my usual pale self but still not very tanned. Summer is short and I am only very tan for like three weeks anyway. I think I managed to get the right shades for that.

I also picked out a new Conceal & Define Concealer since I am running very low on it, and the same thing goes for the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation that’s also a repurchase.

The new brand by BeautyBay also released three big palettes (they got some smaller ones now, but when I picked up this they only had three). At first I thought I did not need any of them. They were too big I thought and with too many repetitive shades. But when I saw the reasonable price I had to try “Evolve” and see how it performed. It actually looks beautiful so maybe they are on to something!


The Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force Lotion Spray is my life saver. I always need this one around in my bathroom so I just keep on buying new ones. I use this almost every day!

I also added Glitter by The Gypsy Shrine in “Chunky Gold” so now I got some new glitter to play with. Glitters can really lift a look to the next level!


The Huda Beauty Gemstones palette collection is really eye catching. I love that these are small, handy palettes with a colorful story, so I picked up the Emerald Palette. If I like it I am not against picking out some more and I am eyeing Sapphire and maybe Ruby orΒ  Topaz! I have to see if I am happy about the quality first. I’ve tried two Huda Beauty palettes before, Desert Dusk (happy with that one!) and Rose Gold Textured Palette (Horrific!). So I am not willing to buy a whole bunch without trying, but I am putting Emerald to the test now and then we will see.


And off course this happens every time Colourpop release a palette. I think this “It’s A Princess Thing” palette is really cute, and I love the grown up Disney princesses on the front! i think it looks wearable and cute so I am excited. I am sure I will love the quality of this as I usually do with Colourpop.


Off course I knew I had to pick up the Norvina palette by Anastasia eventually. So for a 20% discount coupon I decided the time was right. I have to admit I still didn’t have time to use her yet, but soon!


Lashes are something that needs to be replaced on a regular basis, and I saw my pair of Iconics from House Of Lashes had better days. So I ordered a new pair and picked up the style Midnight Luxe (top) in the same order. Alsways a fan of the House of Lashes false lashes!


Another order from Makeup Revolution. The Opulence Blush Compact and the Opulence Highlighter Compact both look so beautiful, and high-end if I may add! The Brow Revolution Brow Tint in “Medium Brown” was kind of an error. I though it was a brow gel! I will still give it a try though. I also picked up the Revolution Pro Supreme Pigment Gel Liner in “Silver” to test if they are any good. The skull shaped Liquid Highlighter “Paranormal” was too cute not to pass on, and the Revolution Pro Skin Finish in “Radiance” I picked up because it looked so similar to a limited edition MAC powder that I unfortunately broke ( “By Candlelight” if you are curious). I was lucky because based on memory they look like dupes!


I like supporting small indie brands and the brand Hello Gregory is at it’s very beginning with a small selection of highlighters and lashes (and an eyeshadow palette coming soon!), So i picked up the highlighters “Seafoam Pearl” and “Unicorn Frosting” along with the false lashes “Athena” and “Aphrodite”.


And at the end I made yet another Makeup Revolution haul (I tell you I have been impressed by them lately). This years Christmas collection is to die for as well! I picked up the Jewel Collection Deluxe Eyeshadow palette, the Jelly Highlighter “Monumental”, and the three lip toppers in the shades “Luxurious”, Exquisite” and “Fortune”!

Did you pick up anything fun lately? Or did you have a low-buy or even a No–buy in October? I am considering aΒ  month or two of low-buy soon, I just need some time to mentally prepare for it. Will happily receive any low-buy tips!




18 thoughts on “Makeup Hauls October 2018!

    1. Thank you so much! I have actually been using the BeautyBay palette for a but now. I was a bit sceptical because I heard mixer reviews especially of the one with a lot of pinks. But I am generally happy with the quality. Happy enough to put the new more colorful one on my wishlist 😍


    1. I will for sure write a review of Norvina when I get that far. The only thing is that I really like to use every single shade in the palette at least once before reviews, and I kind of have a big pile of palettes I need to work ly way through, so it could take a little while before it’s out. But I will for sure do a review and a makeup looks post with it 😊 I am working on the BeautyBay palette right now. Overall I am very happy with it 😊



    Quite an impressive haul – excellent πŸ™‚ Really curious what you think of the beauty bay palette – I did not go for the big palettes, but oe of the smaller ones. The Norvina is on my wishlist since so long and I am waiting for a good deal on it somewhere, but so far no luck πŸ˜€

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    1. If you think this is impressive than wait for November 🀭 I have been playing a bit with the BeautyBay palette lately. There are pros and cons, but I like it enough to know I want their new more colorful one 😍



        You mean that all shimmer one? (Is it all shimmer? Am I confused?) That one looks indeed better put together. I will be here for the November haul!!! Living through you my purchasing dreams πŸ˜€

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      2. It has as much as 4 mattes πŸ˜… 5 eyeshadow transformers (I belive thats what they called them) and the rest is shimmer. Still some duplicates by the looks of it, but nit as much as in the evolve palette 😊

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I spend way too much on makeup πŸ˜… the glitter palettes are pretty, but this one in particular only have 2 mattes and the middle row of shimmers have many shades that look almost the same, so I really do think the other two are more cohesive with more mattes and a more diverse color story ☺️

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  2. crystallight43

    Oh my goodness! What a great haul so many goodies! Ive tried the Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force in the creme formula but I never knew there was a spray- this I must picked up πŸ˜€

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