Violet Voss Hashtag Palette – Review & Swatches!

My first ever Violet Voss eyeshadow palette! I actually only own one item form Violet Voss form before and that is the Rose Gold Highlighter palette. You can read my thoughts on the palette here if you like!


I have been a bit hesitant to pick up Violet Voss eyeshadows because I think they are quite expensive. Since they are not sold in my country I have to pay fees and taxes in addition meaning the overall cost will be significantly higher than the cost of the palette that in itself is quite high. That puts me off sometimes, especially with brands where I am not familiar with the quality.

Beauty Bay saved the day again, and they threw a sale on the Hashtag palette some months ago. If it would have been any of the big brown palettes I would have passed. Don’t get me wrong, I love my browns and neutrals just as much as my colors, but you know this delicious purple and orange toned palette with some brown and gold shades thrown in there is a bit more what I like.


This palette is huge though! A sturdy cardboard packaging with simple black package, a nice size mirror and 20 different eyeshadows. 7 shades are matte , 1 is satin and 12 are shimmers. I don’t mind that at all. To be honest I prefer my shimmers over my mattes so I am OK with having just the basics in mattes in a palette and the rest being gorgeous glam colors.

The first row in the palette has your basic mattes all covered. A matte cream, a matte black and three different shades that work well in the crease and match the colors story of the palette nicely. The mattes work well. They are creamy and soft, but not as soft as Anastasia shadows. In other words they don’t crumble apart. There is some kickback in the pan but not more than expected from buttery soft shades like these. They also blend with ease, even the matte black was fairly easy going.


The second row has your shimmery golden and slightly bronze shades. These shades are very intensely pigmented and smooth as butter!

The third row are orange and a few more rosy shades. One of these shades are matte. Like the other mattes it’s nice and creamy but needed to be built up a tiny bit more than the matte browns. The shimmers are like the golden shades absolutely stunning!


The forth and final row are purples and lilacs. one is matte and one is more satin but works and looks like a matte applied on the eyes. Sunset, the satin shade, is a bit more on the dry side compared to the mattes. Not a bad shade because you can absolutely make it work, but if I had to point out one lesser shade in the palette it would be this one. The rest perform really well!

So overall, I am very happy with the quality. The formula of the shades are really nice and easy to work with. I would not mind at all to get some more palettes with shades like these because I had no issues working i with them.


I like that this palette is a bit of everything. You can be super neutral, all matte, shimmery, or colorful depending on what you want. In addition there are nothing I feel like I missed. You got your basics, transitions lid colors and your basic black all in one palette.

It is a bit on the pricey side, so these are palettes I think I would primarily buy when they are on sale, but I would definitely recommend it!





5 thoughts on “Violet Voss Hashtag Palette – Review & Swatches!


    Oh I am huge fan of that palette. I also only have that one from VV, but I think it is so much fun and can be very basic, but also very extravangant. It is one of the “neutral” palettes I really enjoy. But I absolutely agree, that it is best bought on sale 🙂


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