Makeup Favorites – October 2018!


Time to do a round up of favorites of the past month. I love doing these posts because it’s so much fun to share the really good stuff with you. The products are few this month, but the reason is that I won’t ever put a product in these posts unless I have been using them a lot during the past month. So my favorites will always be a selection of the very much loved products. So only the really great stuff I can stand by will be mentioned. I have to say I have tried many things that will potentially will be in future favorites post because I’ve stumbled upon so much fun stuff. But today we talk about the well used stuff!


The first thing I want to talk about really impressed me. And that is BH Cosmetics Life Is A Festival Palette. I know so many have been raving about this, but I have tried 4 BH Cosmetics palettes before, and three of them were of such mediocre quality that I didn’t care to keep them in my collection, but this palette made me change my mind about the brand. Maybe they have really improved their eyeshadow game. I think there is no bad shade in this palette. The overall quality is really good, but what really impressed me was the bright matte shades. The blue could possibly be one of my very best blue mattes. It’s absolutely exceptional. Super pigmented, super blend-able and so creamy and smooth. If you want to try one palette by BH Cosmetics then try this and be amazed because this is absolutely fantastic and so much fun to play with. The price is also excellent. You can’t go wrong with this!


A big lash favorite this month have been House Of Lashes Iconic. I know this is a classic that so many people love, and it should not be any news for you that these are a well loved lash style. I have worn out a pair in October and I already got a new one. The style is so good for so many looks and gives a very flattering cat-eye effect. At the same time they are not to dense so it shows the eyeshadow very well instead of hiding your work like other more dramatic styles can easily do. These just look so flattering, and so far this is absolutely my favorite style form House of Lashes!


Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in “Nuanced”. This is a nice glowy blush with 4 different shades that you can either mix together of just focus on one of the shades. It’s softly pigmented but gives a really nice glow. I have been pairing it with my Glominerals blush in “Papaya” which is in my project pan to make it more glowy, but it can also be used on its own and gives a soft flush of color but a nice glowy cheek. It does not have any shimmer or glitter but gives just the right amount of radiance to the skin.


Two of my KissMe Liquid Lipsticks from this months bundle are already favorites of mine and I have been reaching for them so much. Apple Cider is a beautiful muted red and has been my go-to for parties and evenings. Pumpkin Spice Latte is a stunning everyday orange that I’ve also reached for a lot. Who would have thought a orange would become my favorite lipstick? I didn’t for sure! And the formula is very comfortable and long lasting.


The Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in “Be my Highlight” has been one of my monthly favorites before. I also wrote a full review of the highlighter that you can read here if you want. Even though I have already mentioned this in a favorites before, I just can’t help but mentioning it again when I used it almost every single day all throughout October. It gives such an amazing glow.

That’s actually everything for now. Even though my list of favorites is not that high, the few ones I have I highly recommend!

What have your favorites been this past month?

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7 thoughts on “Makeup Favorites – October 2018!

  1. I just recently got into BH Cosmetics and I’m impressed by the quality of the couple of eyeshadow palettes I picked up, for the price I was amazed. I obviously haven’t tried their older products but its always nice to see affordable brands put more effort into creating good quality products I think it gives the more expensive brands a run for their money.

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    1. I can think of several cheap brands that are really starting to kick some high-end makeup ass πŸ˜„ and I love that you can get fantastic quality for little money. 15 years ago it was very rare, but now I stumble across great and cheap stuff all the time πŸ˜„πŸ’•



    Oh I passed on this palette fom BH, because of the exact same reason as you experienced in the past with them – the quality was at best mediocre. But Beauty Bay has a sale at the moment where you buy 2 and get 1 free….soooo…ahhh…temptation everywhere πŸ˜€
    The essence Highlighter is also an amazing item and I already said how much i am jealous on this orange lipcolour πŸ˜€ Great favourites!

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    1. I kind of have three BH palette coming my way because of that sale! I was really impressed by this one, I mean that matte blue is one of the best matte blues in my whole collection. Similar to Mac Electric eel just even more vibrant! I am suddenly much more interested in BH palettes after this! I hope they keep up with this quality!

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        Yes, I heard some people mention that they stepped up their game quite a bit – so I guess it is a brand to be included in purchasing decisions again πŸ™‚

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