Review: Nabla Cosmetics Blossom Blush!

I am a huge fan of Nabla Cosmetics single eyeshadow pans that I have a small selection of, and I have been watching with joy how the company has grown and become more knows the last few years. I am even more happy to see that they are easily avaliable on BeautyBay compared to when I first got to know the brand a few years ago and had to order from their Italian website.

This Italian indie brand has a full line of nice but affordable makeup. And today I wanted to focus on their blush. I got mine in the shade “Beloved” which is a matte coral pink.

The packaging is nice. It does actually look exactly like the MakeupGeek blush compacts, only with a different color and logo off course. It has a little mirror in the lid, a strong magnetic closing and it feels heavy and more luxurious than the price. I always like getting something that looks and feels expensive without it being so, so thats a bug bonus in my books.

The powder itself has a imprint that looks like a knittet pattern with the Nabla logo in the middle.

The product has the perfect amount of pigmentation. I am quite flexible with blush formulas. I don’t mind having to build up a ligtly pigmenter blush, and I don’t mind having to be careful with a very strongly pigmented one either, but it’s nice when they are just in the middle isn’t it? This one is a simple one dab with the brush, apply on the cheeks, and then don’t worry about it. A very forgiving and easy to use product. The color is also very nice on the cheeks and works well all year for me.

Even though I have used this quite a bit, the imprint looks almost as new. Even when I look at it really closely. The blush is pretty firmly pressed, and there is absolutely no kick-up in the pan, and the imprint looks nice even after quite a but of use. I am sure it will fade, but it’s nice that the pattern does not dust off straight away.

This just feels like an overall good quality blush and I really enjoy this and I would absolutely not mind picking up a new shade or two.

Did you try these blushes? Or have you tried anything else from Nabla? This is for sure a brand I want to explore more, so I will happily take suggestions if you have any favorite products from them.



4 thoughts on “Review: Nabla Cosmetics Blossom Blush!


    Oh I also had an eye on buying more from Nabla – I totally agree that they are such a great brand and that they are easily accesible makes it even better. I really love the brand esthetics. I have one of their eyeshadow palettes – the Dreamy one. And this one is also really nice. I know you have a lot of eyeshadow palette insanity going on like me, but i think it is e pretty evergreen, that will be nice today, but also in half a year or so.

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    1. I haven’t tried any of their palettes so far but I really want to. I have 18 of their single pans and they are really great especially the mattes. But I have heard that the palettes don’t have the same high quality as their singles though, but I would love to try one myself. I am eyeing the Blossom palette, and the sneak peak of their new palette looks very promissing 😄

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        Oh yes, the new palette looks really good. I am probably gonna pick this one up. Some of the shimmers in their look like they would have so much dimension

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