Bomb Cosmetics Sugar Scrub Review!

I stumbled upon Bomb Cosmetics a while ago and was sucked in by their affordable price and cute packaging! They have a nice selection of body scrubs, shower butter, shower gels, bath salts and those kind of bathroom necessities so I decided to try out a few things.

This is not a collective review about their products in general, just a little showcasing of their Cranberry & Lime Oil Based Body Scrub. I am generally a big fan of sugar scrubs with an Oil base (I have previously reviewed the body scrubs from Rituals that are just that, and they happen to be favorites of mine). Needless to say I got high hopes for this!

But first, can we take a moment to enjoy the adorable packaging? It just looks so cute! The label feel a bit like paper, and I was afraid it would look very worn out after living in a shower for a while, but this picture is taken after this guy have been standing in my shower for months and it still looks just as cute so that’s a bonus (especially when you buy it partly because of how it looks).

The Scrub itself is chunky sugar grans in a oil base. I think the blend is nicely balanced as it is neither to dry or too oily, just a nice consistency that will give you a nice rub and still feel moisturizing.

And it really is moisturizing! I actually don’t feel like I have to use a body lotion or a body butter after using this. It leaves your skin nicely moisturized as it is.

Still it has plenty of scrub to it if you know what I mean. A lot of body scrubs I find to be very waist full because you have to use so much product to get enough scrubbing done. That’s why I usually prefer sugar or salt scrubs since they usually feels like they are actually exfoliating and I found that to be the case with this one too!

I was a bit puzzled about the small red seeds but after reading the ingredient list I figured it must be cranberry seeds. Talking about ingredients, this also has sweet almost oil and sesame seed oil. I sometimes use pure almond oil as a body moisturized and find that it really works for me, so no wonder my skin feels nicely moisturized when using this.

The scent is also so delicious! It actually smell like proper lime. I kind of want to eat it. So be warned, this may leave you hungry!

As you can see I am aaalmost out of it, and I will for sure pick up a new one very soon!

If you are into oil based sugar scrubs I think this can be a nice one to consider.



8 thoughts on “Bomb Cosmetics Sugar Scrub Review!


    This looks like such a fun body scrub. Did not know this brand and checked it out and all their products look so colourful and enjoyable. I am very tempted – especially with this scrub and their body butters. Thanks for the review – I love to get to know new brands 🙂

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    1. I just stumbled upon the brand recently myself and had never heard much about it either but I am happy I picked this up. I tried the shower butter as well and I really like that one too. It really is like a butter and it feels very moisturizing. The only thing is that I picked it up in the pina colada scent. I don’t know what I was thinking because I don’t like pina colada and I don’t like the scent of it either 😅 But the product in it self is really nice so I think I will try it in a different scent 😊

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