Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette – Review & Swatches!


I always enjoy writing reviews about Juvia’s Place palettes because there are always so many good things to say about them! If you know me you know I am a big fan of their formula. Actually they are one of my top three brands for eyeshadows, and I’ve tried a lot of different brands during the years (the two other brands in that top three list are Natasha Denona and Colourpop if anyone were wondering).


As usual the packaging of this is their usual unique, colorful and quirky design. The pan size is more like a regular eyeshadow pan size. Worth mentioning since they have two different sizes of eyeshadows they use. Since these ones are smaller, the palette is also quite small (for being a Juvia’s palette that is). For comparison it’s just a little bit higher and wider than the colourpop 12-pan eyeshadow palettes, so quite a handy size.


The quality is absolutely their best treat. The shimmer shades are absolutely stunning. A bit dense in formula, but so rich and intensely pigmented. I am absolutely in love with their metallic formula and they are such a  joy to work with. Their mattes need to be build up a bit as they are a bit firmer than many of the other popular brands like Anastasia. But you still get beautiful pigment, and they are easy to work with and blend without any problems, and there is not much kickback. With 8 shimmers and 4 mattes the majority of the shades will make you shine. Still, the matte colors are cleverly chosen to make this palette very easy to use, because you have some nice transition shades and a incredible black. I know, boring color, but this was the shade that impressed me the most in this palette. So if you are looking for a nice black you got it right here!


Juvia’s Place have several palettes that works very nice both for neutral and colorful looks. This palette is one of them. It’s actually mainly a neutral palette, or at least for the most shades that are very wearable even for every day. I think “Sokoto” the matte orange-red, and “Kia” the green shimmer are the only true pops of color in this palette, and the rest can look very neutral. In other words, if you have been tempted to try Juvia’s Place palettes but the shades seem to intimidating, this is a good palette to try!

As usually with Juvia’s Place palettes I am stunned by the quality, and in love with the playful color selection, even though this leans a bit more neutral it was still so much fun to use.

I always think Juvia’s Place palettes are worth recommending and this one is no exception. If you like the colors the quality is impeccable.



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12 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. Bia.and.the.makeup

    As always a thought through review with amazing acompaning pictures. You know, when you posted the looks with it on monday and now this one I got confused, because I am ALWAYS mixing the Saharan and the Nubian 2 – so I always had the Nubian 2 in mind 😀 But now everything makes sense 🙂 I was like “how does she do these looks with it? It is sorcery” 😀 But of course it is the Saharan! I need holidays! 😀 I do like this aplette actually, but it does not get enough love in my collection. I should bring it out again, since it is great for fall. Maybe I will take a shot on one of your looks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Juvia’s Place really knows how to make a good color story. But I am happy they have some palettes that work for neutral looks as well 😊 I love that this can be everything 😄


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