NYX Powder Puff Lippies – Review & Swatches!

I was intrigued by these because of the name. A powder lippie? I was not really sure what to expect but I purchased “Squad Goals” and I never looked back. Actually I went back and I got three more shades eventually. Just to test out the consistency of the formula and try different kind of shades. In the end, I had these four beauties and today I want to tell you all about how they work for me!


The packaging is a long squeeze tube with a classic NYX appearance. I find it to be quite neutral actually. I can’t say this is my favorite packaging. It’s not something that will make me feel fancy when I pull it out to apply, but I don’t hate it either. It’s like that with a lot of NYX products actually. Packaging looks OK, but not particularly beautiful or stylish. It looks simple, and it looks drugstore.

Shade names from top to bottom: Group Love, Puppy Love, Cool Intentions, Squad Goals.

The formula is very unique. I don’t think I have anything like this! It’s not at all a powdery as I was wondering to begin with. It is more so that the finish on the lips makes it looks almost like you put translucent powder on top of a regular lipstick. It looks matte, velvety, blurred and just so pretty. I am a big fan!

So I made lip swatches of them all for you!


Group Love is a nice wearable red.


Puppy Love is a nice bright coral. This is the most outgoing of all the four shades.


Cool Intentions is a cool-toned mauvy neutral. It’s quite a bit on the cool side so not the one I would pair with an orange warm look that has been so popular lately, but still a very pretty shade. This one and Squad Goals” are the two I’ve used the most.


Lastly, the shade that made me pick up three more. Squad Goals is a beautiful dusty rose kind of shade. Perfect for everyday use.


The applicator is pretty unique. I don’t have anything similar in my collection. It took a while to get used too, and even though it works fine for applying these lipsticks, it’s not very precise. I felt that was OK with the nude shades but with the red I felt kind of nervous because it was a tad bit too easy to make mistakes. Noting a red lip liner won’t fix but still, not the easiest applicator.

The wear time is not that long. This is the kind of lipstick that needs to be reapplied. After around 2 hours I felt like it was necessary to re-freshen the color with all my selected shades. It also means that it’s not transfer proof, bur it feels very comfortable on the lips. These are like a regular lipstick kind of formula, but with that unusual velvet finish.

One of the bet things about them is that they are so easy to wear. They look very flattering on the lips, and especially the nudes are quick and easy to apply. The formula doesn’t bleed, and when it starts fading after a few hours it disappears evenly. I don’t have to worry about but-lips or a thin line of color left around the rim of my mouth. It fades evenly when it starts so wear off, and for me that is one of the more charming qualities a lipstick can have. I don’t really mind if they won’t last forever as long as they are not complicated to reapply, and as long as they fade even. So me and these Powder Puff Lippies are great friends!

Did you try these? Are you of the same impression as me, or were they a miss for you? I would love to know what you think in the comment!

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12 thoughts on “NYX Powder Puff Lippies – Review & Swatches!

  1. I am a lipstick collector, and I can’t seem to get enough of them. Some high end lipsticks like Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution are disappointing. I’d like to try Tom Ford. As for drug store lipsticks. try the Milani–what a great formula, doesn’t dry out your lips! I will be sure to try NYX Powder Puff Lippies–after all, you can’t have too much of a good thing.

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    1. I would also like to try Tom Ford lipsticks for sure 😍 thank you for so many good tips. I actually haven’t tried any lip products from Milani, but manly because I haven’t found anywhere that ship for a reasonably cost. The price in my country for Milani is high end, and I am not that keen on spending high-end money on drugstore πŸ˜… and yes, you can never have too many lipsticks! 😍


  2. Bia.and.the.makeup

    The colours you picked are gorgeous! I especially like the cool toned mauvy one. That is the kind of lipstick I love to pair with a grren or blue eye look. Usually NYX lip products do not work out the best for me, but this looks pretty nice. I am a bit afraid of the applicator though, because I have a Lacome Matte Shaker and they also have a quite voluminous applicator and I really dislike it for that πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got one of the LancΓ΄me Juicy Shakers and I agree with that huge springe applicator being horrid πŸ™„ They are bad for a sheer gloss so I can’t even imagine how they are with a liquid matte πŸ˜… these applicators are a whole different thing though. Not the most precise for a red lip, but otherwise they worked fine ☺️


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