Zoeava Eyesee Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

I currently have 16 (yes, that’s right!) eyeshadow palettes by Zoeva in my collection, and the number would obviously not be that high if I didn’t like these palettes overall. They are also super handy to collect because they are slim and easy to store, don’t take up much space and they are affordable. I am a huge fan of affordable but good makeup. Even though I know to appreciate and treasure my high end and luxury items nothing beats good and affordable to me!


The packaging of this one is beautiful. It’s their usual slim cardboard packaging with no mirror, but it’s nicely decorated with gold details on a nude background. The inside is similar with the same colors and beautiful gold details. It’s simply just so pretty to look at!


Inside you get a selection of 10 eyeshadows in regular sized pans. Nine of the shadows holds 1.7 g and one holds 1.3 g. There is a variety of different formulas on here. One matte, some shimmers, satins and metallics and two quite chunky glittery shades.

The matte is a typical base shade, and the formula is rich and creamy. All of the shades have decent pigmentation, with the exception of “Images are Soulmates” (last one on bottom row) which was a bit more sheer than expected. The three darker shades (last on in the top row and the two last in the bottom row) are more of a satin finish. They have a nice sheen to them but are not as rich as intense in shine as a true metallic would be. The formula makes these darker shades quite easy to work with, but since they are not too shimmery you can easily use them as crease shades too. I managed to get quite a nice intensity on them with a damp brush, but they also give off quite a bit of kickback in the pan. It’s a bit like they smolder apart a bit. Some of the shades, especially the blue and the green had some fallout, now I am very sloppy and never kick off my brush, but still I think I got more fallout than usual with these.


The red “Through The Lens” is also slightly more sheer than it looks in the pan. It does not mean they are not pigmented because they are, they are just a tad more sheer on the eyes than they look in the pan on first swipe but they can be built up, preferably with a  damp brush, unless you want it in the crease. Because, also this one works fine as a crease shade despite not being matte.

The most surprising shades in this palette are the shades “Unforgettable Contrast” and “Mechanical Eye” which are the two chunkier glitter shades. I am usually not a big fan of glitter formula shades but these two surprised me. Despite having a bit chunkier glitter they are so super smooth and rich. They are quite loosely pressed compared to the rest, probably due to the glitter, but that may be why they are so nice and smooth. It does make them a bit waits-full though. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a glittery shade like this that feels like butter though. They are so nice! But again, not a shadow that will last you very long with consecutive use.


The least impressive shade was “Visual System”. I have a bit of trouble to decide what formula this actually is. Its something between a satin and a matte but with very fine glitter. I found this to be a tiny bit on the chalky side, and it did not looks as great on the eyes as I wanted to. It does not give much of a sheen to the eye and looks just a bit off to me.

The rest of the shades in the palette I really enjoy the quality of, but as mentioned the most impressive ones are the glitter shades (Didn’t think I would ever say that since I usually can’t stand glitter shades, but hey, I love being surprised!).


But let’s talk color composition. I know not every palette has to be a stand alone palette (I have enough of my basics covered anyways) , and I did already post a blog post with 4 looks created with this palette only, so you can definitely use this on it’s own, especially since the darker satin shades work well on the crease. I do however wish that the only matte shade would be a nice crease shade instead of the base shades. Firstly because I don’t think it’s necessary to set the base when you work with glitters or shimmers which is the majority of the shades in the palette, and secondly because I kind of wanted a mid-toned matte to match the glitter shades for a more nude look, instead of using the blue, red or purples. I think those glitter shades would look absolutely stunning with a warm brown in the crease, or maybe a maroon or a red toned brown would be really great to compliment the pink,red and deep purple shades. So I kind of wish that they had switched that shade with something else. Other than that you get a really nice selection of many different fun colors and I really appreciate that. If you can live with the fact that you may want to have a buddy palette with some basic shades to pair with this one, then I think the color story is both fun and something we don’t see every day.


Even though it’s both pretty and fun it won’t be my favorite Zoeva palette. The list of cons were just too long compared to many of my other Zoeva palettes where I for the most part like every shade.

You can for sure create nice looks with it, so you can for sure make the shades work, but the quality is just not as great as it is with many of the other palettes I would recommend instead of this one.

I don’t have regrets buying this myself, I really did like those glitter shades and after all the palette is quite affordable, but the overall impression of this palette is unfortunately not more than average. You can make it work for sure, and the colors are beautiful, but I know Zoeva can do better than this.

Did you try this palette? Do we share opinions about it or did it work better for you?

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11 thoughts on “Zoeava Eyesee Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. Bia.and.the.makeup

    Indeed, the glitter shades in this palette are pretty nice, but I do agree that it is a bit harder palette to use on its own and that Zoeva definitely did better ones. I found the colours too sheer and some of them pretty difficult to work with. I cannot point my finger on it what exactly is the problem for me. But I really enjoyed the looks you did with it, so I am gonna go in it agin and try a little more 🙂 Really detailed review. That is so nice. I love that you really go into depth and not just say “this is an okay palette”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Zoeva can definitly do better than this. But thinking about it most Zoeva palettes I have that I really like are neutral palettes. Maybe that’s what they are really good at and that they struggle a bit with color 😅 and thank you so much, as always, for your kind words 🤗❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I wish it did work a bit better. With that say I managed to do some looks with it so with some help it gets the job done. But there are so many other Zoeva palettes I would prefer instead 😊


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