Jeffree Star Thirsty Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


This palette was a part of the 2018 summer collection by Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and it’s undeniable one of the most summery palettes out there! Both the colors and the packaging is very summery to me. This is my 4th Jeffree Star Eyeshadow palette. I just recently did a review of Blood Sugar and I have an old review of Androgyny from the early age of this blog (Which is almost exactly a year ago so not that old really). Unfortunately I don’t have a review of Beauty Killer even though I do have it. Is that something you would be interested in, or is it old news? I’ve enjoyed the quality of the previous palettes very much, so the expectations of Thirsty was off course quite high. Jeffree Star knows good makeup so why would I not expect anything less than good really? So let’s talk Thirsty!


First let’s have a few words on the packaging. There has always been something extra with Jeffree Star packaging, with Blood Sugar being the mastery of packaging with it’s retro VHS looking packaging (does kids now a days even get that reference?). The Thirsty palette is very slim in comparison, but still a big palette. That means big on surface area but still slim and easy to store. The outer packaging is yellow and has a icicle style look with droplets all over the packaging. Very much “on theme” with the summer collection. Inside you get a large mirror more than big enough to actually do your makeup in. 15 gorgeous shades on a nice wooden style background. I have to say, even though it looks unique, it does not have a look to match it’s price-tag. Out of all of my Jeffree Star palettes this one has the cheapest looking packaging in my opinion.


But the colors does not look cheap, and the color selection is beautiful. This palette really is versatile. You do have your basic cream shade, and also 4 different browns with both cool and warm undertones. Here alone you have plenty of options for very simple everyday looks. The middle row are 5 shades of glittery metallic goodness, and a formula we haven’t seen from JS so far. This row is absolutely stunning with silver, gold, copper and browns with a stunning glamorous finish worthy of any party, date-night or any other stylish occasion. If you want to have some fun, the rest of the palette is fun mattes with bright colors like yellow, blue, green and orange. The only thing you can really argue is missing is a really deep shade. Surely “Drizzle” is a dark matte brown, but I am sure many people would like something even darker. But hey, It’s a summer palette, I am happy to save those dark grungy smoky eyes for another occasion.

Swatches of the first row.

So the most important thing…..performance! I have tried JS mattes before, and that formula is good. They are smooth, rich and pigmented and usually quite easy to blend. They are also a bit dusty and you get a bit of kick-up in the pan, but I don’t consider fallout a problem with these. The difference with this palette was that now we have some super bright mattes, and they did perform a bit different. I found that both Quench (yellow), Submerge (blue), Splash (green) and Biiiitch! (orange) needed a tacky base for the color to really show as they do in the pan. The formula seems almost slightly too dry to attach properly to the eyes without a good base. My eyelids are quite normal, as is my skin type so I don’t have particularly oily lids, and they are not dry either. Pretty basic eyelids but these colors did not show up as intensely as I wanted on their own. It was possible to work with them and the only thing I needed to do was to not set my concealer and use a brush to pack it on instead of swiping. If I did that I was happy with the colors. It would be better if they worked perfectly straight away off course, but they were absolutely possible to work with and get a good result with in the end,. The regular colors like the brown mattes worked more like the usual matte JS formula and I did not have any problems with them.

Swatches of middle row.

That middle row of foiled glittery shades are absolutely divine (as the name of the silver shade implies). These shades are so intense, and just a foiled gorgeousness I haven’t seen in a long time. The formula is a bit dense and I had to pick them up and apply them with a bit of pressure, but once they are on they are sooo pretty. They are even more stunning with a bit of setting spray on the brush, but they are also more than intense enough on their own. They do have a tiny bit of glitter in them. Not chunky, but some fine sparkle. That means that I found that I did get some fallout throughout the day , and that they worked best with a glitter glue or a similar tacky base underneath.

Swatches of bottom row.

I do love the vibe of the palette. I get happy when I open it up to look at it. I also love the versatility. To sum up shortly, the brown/neutral mattes are good, the colorful mattes need a sticky base to appear as pigmented as they do in the pan, but you can work with them, and the foiled glitter shades are super stunning but could use the helping hand of glitter glue.


The palette is quite expensive though, so if it’s worth picking up or not depends on what color in the palette you are most drawn too. If you are most drawn to the browns I would say there are plenty of brown palettes out there cheaper than this with similar good quality. If you are interested in this because of the colors I would say skip it. There are yellows, blues and greens out there that are super pigmented and don’t need a sticky base. If the middle row is what you are drawn to then I don’t think you will be disappointed because they are absolutely stunning and worth the whole palette for me. Would I buy it again? Absolutely, but to be honest the middle row seals the deal.




18 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Thirsty Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

    1. The second row is amazing 😍 I am very tempted about the liquid frost and his new lipliners! Especially since they are eye safe. A normal lip color makes a very interresting eyeliner and I really like that they can be used for both 😍

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    The middle row indeed looks super pretty in your swatches. Absolutely amazing. I think to be a bit more responsible with my spending I am going to skip it, but you had me there for a moment. But I just got the Antilles Palette from Nomad Cosmetics and I think that will be my last summery palette that year. I really like how you go into detail about the different fomulars and how to apply them the best. Very thought through review!! πŸ’•

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    1. Thank you so much! I try to put out as much information I can. So that people who read can decide for themselves if they think it would fit them or not. Sometimes it can be a relief to not put a palette on that always way to long wish-list πŸ˜…

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        Totally, even if I would not add anything to my wishlist from now on I could probably still buy items from the list for like a good 6 months πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you! The metallics will be the reason why I reach for this too. If I need any of the other colors I have better options that I would reach for instead, but this metallics are so rich and beautiful 😍

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