Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette – Review & Swatches!

The well known red toned Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette who have been constantly running out of stock since it’s release finally moved in with the rest of my eyeshadow collection around late June. Finally I am ready to shade my thoughts on this.


I have all palettes released by Jeffree Star Cosmetics so far. So I guess it’s kind of a given that I like the quality since I keep picking them up, but I have to say they are not all the same. It’s not like you can buy one palette and expect the formula on the next to be similar, because I have found them to vary a bit. With that said, none of his palettes are bad, but some of them have some minor things that makes it less than perfect. So how about this one?

The palette contains 18 shadows, with three metallics, one satin and 14 mattes. The matte formula is really good. The shades are pigmented and rich but also easy to blend. I did not have any issues with any of them applying patchy, which I think is fairly good for darker reds and purples. Among those kind of shades you can easily find duds, but this one has a solid good quality overall with the matte shades. I have always enjoyed Jeffree Star matte formula, so no surprise here really. Just the quality of the mattes alone makes this a good palette.


The first row of shades has a nice white with a matte finish that works really well in the inner corner or browbone on dramatic looks, which suits this palette well since it has a color scheme perfect for some drama. The three next shades all work nice as transition shades, but the second and third shade are a lot more pink toned than I expected on the eyes. Not a big problem since this is a red and pink themed palette, but it could be nice to know if you actually would want to make looks that are not in that color family. These shades will still appear a pit on the pinky side. There is also a rich deep gold that is stunning and a nice matte darker brown to deepen up a golden or brown look.


There are three shimmery shades in this palette. “Candy Floss” a baby pink, “Sweetener” which is a rose gold, and “Donor” (from the first row) that is a darkened gold shade. I think both Donor and Sweetener are stunning shades, but Candy Floss came a bit short on me. I would have liked it to be a bit more intense. It’s just a bit lackluster compared to the other two. There is also a bright almost neon pink that worked great, and a purple matte that needed some building up. These strong shades does stain the lids, just be ware!


The last row is my very favorite with delicious red shades. I mean just look at these! If you consider this palette this is the key row. If you love and would wear these shades then I think you will also like this palette. If you are not so sure about them, I would probably recommend skipping it unless you are a collector at heart.

Blood Sugar, the shade named after the palette (or maybe the other way around) is the only satin finish shade. And this is a good one! It’s so smooth and rich and looks absolutely stunning on the eyes. If you want a gorgeous red smoky eye, then this is a staple shade! Both the color and quality is nothing less than stunning, and this shade alone really does a lot to improve the overall quality. Maybe more satin shades would not have been a bad idea?


Packaging is something else right? At first I was not sure what to think, but it grew on me. It’s super bulky and does not exactly safe space in your drawers, so you have to be able to handle that sort of palette to truly enjoy it I thing. But on the other hand it is very different, and quite retro too! The quality feels nice, nothing cheap about this thing. Unfortunately I think it’s a bit hard to open. So much so that I do find it a bit annoying. I don’t want to stand there in the morning struggling to open a too tightly closed palette. I just don’t have the patience to it. It is so hard to open that I have no idea why those metal clasps are there. This palette does not need any extra help to stay closed.

With that said it does have a decent size, good quality mirror inside. Still this is not a palette I would recommend traveling with, just the sheer size taken into consideration. You could bring 4 Zoeva palettes, or 8 Colourpop palettes and they would take up approximately the same space but with more product. So yeah, not my new travel buddy (but I got plenty of those so we are good!).


Color composition is……red. If you are not into red looks just forget all about this palette. You want get any use out of it anyway. Being very red toned does not mean you can’t go neutral with it though. The first row of shadows offers plenty of more neutral tones. With that being said My impression is that both Sugarcan and Cake Mix appear more red hued on my skin, while they look to be more brown in the pan. You can also go for just pink and purple if you don’t feel like wearing red. Or maybe a rose gold moment using Sweetener all over your lid.

But if you want to wear red, then the whole third row is a gift! 5 different red-toned shades with everything from true tomato red, to cherry and deep red-purple. This is the smoke red row, and personally I love it. Red shades like this may look scary, but they really are striking, and if you have blue eyes these are shades that will really make your eyes pop! I think Blood Sugar is my very favorite shade of the whole palette, well worthy of it’s name. I have used it a few times for a simple smoky look, and just using the deeper shades to deepen the look and I loved how it looked.


Even though this palette got you covered with the basics like appropriate crease shades and transition shades, as well as deeper mattes, I did find myself missing something even darker. The darkest shade in the pan is just not quite dark enough that create those red dark grungy looks that I feel inspired to do with this look. No biggie, I got plenty of blacks, but I would have loved it if that dark red-plum shade “Coma” was even a bit more dark.

While we mention that shade, I think “Extraction” and “Coma” had quite similar look on the lid, which makes me feel even more that “Coma” really should have been a lot darker.

So what is the verdict? As a collector I am happy I’ve picked this up and I would do it again for sure. But what about you, do you need it?

Well, If you love a good red, and think you are missing a bit of red variety in your collection then yes, this palette is well worth picking up. I don’t know any other palette that offers this nice of a collection of true red shades in this quality, so if red is your thing then this is a good choice.

If you find red scary, or you don’t really use reds, then picking up this palette for 56$ just to avoid the reds would be a waist of money. Without the red shades then you probably have something similar to most other shades in your collection anyway, and if you want to dabble a bit into reds but you are not sure if you like it or not I would rather recommend a palette like Anastasia Modern Renaissance instead where you have only a few (a bit more user friendly) red shades and the rest of the palette works for everyone.

If this should be worth for you to pick up you would have to know you like and feel comfortable in reds, or maybe if you are just a collector and appreciate the piece just for its own sake. If you fall into either of these categories (or both like me) then I would say this is worth picking up. If not, you would probably not want to pick this up due to it’s high price tag.

What are your thought? Do you have it? love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments! I love reading your feedback and opinion on products I review!

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    I knew this post would tempt me more šŸ˜€ (nervous laugh) I thik I have to skip it though…or wait for a goo sale on it. Yes, probably I will wait on a good sale for it šŸ™‚ Let’s be realistic šŸ˜€

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