Makeup Favorites – August 2018

I know August is not completely over, but I doubt I fill find a new favorite in a day or two, so here are my monthly favorites!


August has been divided. It has been partly makeup free with building roof and walking in the mountains, and partly vigorous testing to prepare for reviews. So I got some fun stuff to share with you all!

The L’Oreal Back to Bronze bronzer was a total hit for me. This is such a foolproof bronzer that is so easy to apply. It’s not to dark so I think lighter or maybe medium skin-tones could use this, but even I can use a quite heavy hand without it looking weird so some may find it too light. I really like it though because it is so easy to use, looks nice and even on the skin and you don’t have to worry too much because it’s so easy yo blend. I like easy going bronzers!


While we are on the bronzing theme my next favorite is Smashbox The Cali Contour. This one has one bronzer, one contour, one matte brightening powder, one blush and two highlighter and they all go so well together! I won’t say too much in detail because I have a upcoming review with this, but I’ve been digging it all month!


Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick “Stone”. I fell in love with both the formula and the shade. The formula is a very comfy dry-down liquid lipstick with great longevity, and the color is a beautiful cool-toned nude. I find myself wanting more colors in this formula. Do you have a favorite shade to recommend?


Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation. I finally got my tan and could start wearing the foundation I bought a long while back in a slightly to dark color. Now in summer the color is fine. And I have used this foundation almost every single day I put foundation on my face this month. This is like butter on a stick, and I love the dewy finish and great coverage it gives.


Revolution Define & Conceal has become famous quickly, and everyone knows about it by know. I had it for quite a while, and I always enjoyed it, but this month I just could not put it down. It works so nice with the foundation stick! I am close to running out of it now, so it’s just perfect timing that Revolution PRO release a super size version (and a foundation version!) of it. Guess what I will be picking up on my next order!


The Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks I’ve mentioned before, and the shade “Driver’s Seat” has been featured in my favorites before, The formula is absolutely fantatic, and are right up there with my favorite dry down formula from Jeffree Star. This month the gorgeous red shade “Bawse” stole a piece of my heart. A red lip that lasts forever!

I picked up a highlighter palette on impulse last month without knowing anything about it. The L’Oreal La Vie En Glow . Why does not more people talk about this? This is amazing! The formula is so smooth and creamy. The way the apply on the cheeks really remind me of the Ofra highlighter formula. The shades are not glittery, but has a lot of shimmer and glow. They blend like a dream and gives such a pretty look to your cheekbones. I also found that all shades work for me, which rarely happens with a palette.


My last favorite is very precious to me and that is the Ceritfeye Tropical Wonders palette. I had this for a while now, and I’ve already put up a review of it quite some time ago (read here). This is also in my project pan 2018. so I have off course used it regularly, and it’s been my favorite colorful palette for quite some time. I just feels like ti deserves a mention again. I have been working a bit with a collective makeup look post where I am sharing an array of different makeup looks, and this palette have been some fun and helpful in that process. I actually think I am about to hit pan on a few of the shades quite soon, which I find so exciting. I have never ever panned colorful shades before, only the regular base and crease shades we all use all of the time. This palette really is something special!

That’s all my favorites this month. Do we have some in common? Do you have some favorites you like? If you did a favorites post or video please drop a link in the comments so I and the rest of my readers can have a look. I love reading these post from you guys!

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8 thoughts on “Makeup Favorites – August 2018


    That tropical wonders palette – such a stunning pallette. I have to yet meet someone who does not like it. I am also super excited for the new Revolution foundation, because I also love that concealer (YES, Supersize!!). But the stick foundation wouldn’t work on me at all. Makes me look like a shiy little ball of grease. Not the look I like πŸ˜€ But I am crazy oily, so I guess for less oily skin it is pretty good. But that new foundation seems like it is more my kind of foundation. Cannot wait for it! Also since Revolution knows what colour range means – so we don’t have to run around with slightly off foundation tones πŸ˜€

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    1. I actually have a review of the foundation stick I am working on (yet to be published) and I think that was one of the things I pointed out, that it looks very dewy and may not be great for oily skin. At least I was thinking that while trying it. It’s probably better for normal to dry skin. I don’t know but it’s so smooth and buttery I can imagine it may not apply as easily if someone is really oily. Did you have problems applying it as well, or was it just the very dewy finish that was a problem? I am for sure going to try the new one, and the best thing is they are so affordable, so not the end of the world if they don’t work out πŸ˜…

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        Yes, it was more the all over dewy/shiny finish. Initially applied it looked great, but after a while it was just an oily mess. Which is totally my skins fault and not from the foundation. But yes, they do not break the bank…so I don’t really care. It was worth a try!

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    1. The Tropical Wonders Palette is an eyecatcher that is for sure! But I’ve used it so much! 😍 And yes, the review will be coming but I am not completely sure when πŸ˜… But it’s a great palette that I obviously really enjoy since it’s among my favorites 😊 ❀️


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