Juvia’s Place The Nubian 2 Palette – Review & Swathes!

I only needed to try one palette from Juvia’s Place to realize that this was a brand for me to collect, and I’ve made it a mission to collect every single palette they have available one by one.


This one is similar to the other palettes in style, but as you may know the Juvia’s Place palettes vary quite a bit both in the size of their palettes and their eyeshadow sizes. This palette has the huge eyeshadow pans, but since it only holds 12 shades it’s not obnoxiously large like the Magic Palette (Don’t get me wrong, I love The Magic Palette always and forever, but it’s…not small).


I still have yet to pick up the Nubian palette, which is only neutrals and I feel more drawn to the colorful palette. Even though the Nubian 2 has some pops of color it still have many neutrals and earthy tones. This is the perfect Juvia’s Place palette to start with if you are more into neutrals but want to start dipping your toes into colors. Because even though it has some nice colors I would still say they are quite muted and beginner friendly, without compromising their beauty! Still for a color lover like me there it lot’s of room to play around and be creative.


As always, Juvia’s Place metallic shadows are truly amazing with their rich pigment and buttery dense texture. I have said this before, but good things can’t be said enough; Juvia’s Place has one of my absolute favorite eyeshadow formulas. In this palette you have 8 shades in this delicious formula, and the rest is matte. None of that matte base with glitter rubbish that I don’t like (I know, I know, they can still be good or work basically as a matte, but I get annoyed by the looks of them). The matte formula in this palette is also good. Medium but buildable pigmentation and great blendability. There are no bad shades in this palette. Not at all, just a through and through solid great quality.


The packaging it the usual fun and quirky type of design and nice orange and pink cardboard palette. This palette holds the large sized eyeshadows so you get a lot of product in these 12 shades.


For me personally, I love the quality, and I like that the color selection is still very suitable for everyday use. It’s very easy to make completely neutral looks with this, so I think this is the perfect Juvia’s Place palette to pick up it you have been wanting to try the formula, but think the colors in general are a bit to colorful for you. if you look at the palette there are mostly neutral shades with the exception pf Cleopatra (blue), Egypt (green), and maybe Nairobi (yellow gold). The rest are colors that could easily be incorporated into e neutral daytime look


As usual I really I would highly recommend this because I am always so impressed with the quality, especially the affordable price considered!

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7 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place The Nubian 2 Palette – Review & Swathes!

  1. Hi!

    How come I didn’t know this palette?! The colour story appeals to me *oh so much*. As you said, it’s a good one to ease yourself into colour although I have to confess that my first JP palette was the Zulu lol I love it, but sometimes I don’t feel self confident enough to think I’m going to pull off an eye look with such bold colours.

    This one definitely looks less intimidating.

    I totally agree with you on the shimmers/metallics: great formula!

    Kate // https://katedaysaweek.be

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    1. Haha, yeah Zulu is very fun and bright! 😍 This one is definately more easy going. I think that juvias have so many bright and fun palettes so the eyes are not really drawn to this. It does not pop in the same way, but it’s very versatile with the same great formula 😍

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  2. Bia.and.the.makeup

    This is such an amazing palette! Is one of my favourites from Juvias and it so suprising actually. When I got it I was not too excited for it like for example with the Zulu palette, but after using it a couple of times it suprised me how versatile it is. Also a Juvias collector over here btw. I am still missing the Warrior ad the Afrique, because they are not at beauty bay yet. Are you gona do a post with different looks using this one?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are so nice to collect. I have a goal to pick up all of them as well. Have a few to go still. Like the Festival and original Nubian, and I am also waiting for the two new ones to arrive at beautybay 😊 This one is a bit more anonymous than many of their other palettes, but I think it’s great for more wearable looks. And yes, I did already do a post with makeuplooks using this. It was posted on monday ☺️


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