Nabla Glowy Skin Highlighter & Glowy Skin Blush – Review!

I love Nabla as a brand. I discovered them almost two years ago, before they came to BeautyBay and became more available, and I got a few of their single pan eyeshadow sand think their formula is amazing. So since they’ve expanded their makeup line to some new gorgeous products I had to try. And I have even more on the wish list, I mean have you seen their pretty pressed highlighter, their loose powder and concealer? I want them all!


But now I want to focus in a specific product and that is their Glowy Skin Blush and Glowy Skin Highlighter. These are cream stick products and they got a few different shades to select from, but I went for one blush called “Maybe Baby” and a duochrome pale highlighter called surreal”. They got two blush shades, one slightly darker than the one I ordered, and three highlighters one light, one medium and one dark. So hopefully even though the selection is sparse it will suite for a big range of skin tones!


It took me some time to learn how to apply these properly. At first attempt I felt like they lifted off the foundation underneath and everything then looked patchy. Not a good look at all. I soon figured out that my mistake was waiting until the foundation had dried. On second attempt when I applied these before the foundation set ended much better and I liked the result. I think these can be a bit troublesome if you have a foundation that dries very quickly, but if you have a minute or two these sticks are super easy to swipe over your cheeks and cheekbones to blend them out.


The result with both these products are very glowy and natural. These are not for you if you want a strong blush or a beaming highlight because both these products are quite subtle. But they does give the most gorgeous glow to the skin, and I really like how they look. They are perfect for natural skin days, and if you don’t want to go natural and want some more ompfh to your highlight. I had no issues layering powders on top. But just on their own they make you look glowy and healthy, which is not a bad look at all!


These are not very strong in pigmentation though. I do have a bit of a tan, but I am still of a lighter skin tone, so if you usually have a tan or medium skin I would recommend trying out the darker shades of the range. These guys work for me still with a tan, but I think they will look better when I am paler.

I found that they blend quite easily because the skin seems to warm them up enough fairly quick, and I applied both with fingers, sponges and brushes without facing issues with any of them. My preferred way was the sponge.


I really do like them though, because they are a good option for the neutral days and to be honest those are most days.

Did you try anything exciting from Nabla I should try too? Leave a note in the comment because this is a bran I want to see more of!

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7 thoughts on “Nabla Glowy Skin Highlighter & Glowy Skin Blush – Review!


    The pictures look so amazing. Really well done 🙂 I have the Nabla Concealer, which is quite nice, but the shade range is terrible. I am waiting for them to finally expand it. x

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    1. Thank you so much! 😍 I have been eyeing that concealer as well! Agree with the shade range, but I find Italia brands to be a bit strange like that. I mean, people there are quite tan but their shade ranges are usually so pale. Also these products I can imagine wont show up very well on mediterranian skin. They seem to be very focused on pale to light medium skin tones.

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        Exactly my thoughts on this as well. I don’t get it. Especially considering that especially in Italy people really love to play with makeup. I have my eye on the italien brand neve cosmetics since a while and there it is exacly the same: The shade range on their face products is terrible. Have you tried Neve? I really love the eyeshadow colours they offer.

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      2. Never tried them, but kiko is another example of a italian brand with a weird color selection. Every time I’ve been in store I’ve been so puzzled because the shade selection won’t even fot half of the italian laides I see walking in the street. Works fine for my nordic skin but it’s so strange for an italian brand made and sold in italy. Never tried Neve cosmetics, but (except the shade range) I have quite good experience with makeup made in italy so it’s tempting 😊

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        Yes, so tempting 🙂 And so easy to get ahold of in Europe. That is a big plus always, because there is no 3-4 weeks waiting time 😀 Impatience is strong with me when it comes to makeup deliveries.

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