Anastasia Subculture – Review & Swatches!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t really see the problem with this palette. I mean, I actually really really like it and would for sure pick this one over Modern Renaissance. Shocking for many, I know!


I guess we all remember the fuzz when this was released. It had so many bad, but to say angry, reviews and I was afraid that many people could not be wrong. It also looked like there was a bit of inconsistency with the palettes, so I waited patiently in case that was something that had to be sort out. I mean, if there was a big problem with the formula or manufacturing I am sure they would do something to improve it.


I don’t know if or what they did. But in my opinion it worked. And at least I am sitting here with a palette with a gorgeous color story that I don’t have any real issues with. Is it perfection? Nope, but neither is Modern Renaissance in my opinion.


So lets talk about it then. All of it. First something they did not improve is the packaging. I don’t really like that velvet outer packaging. The color doesn’t show off dirt as much as the pale dusty pink in Modern Renaissance but a stain would still be pretty permanent.

The color story is as mentioned gorgeous. By far the favorite color story of all my Anastasia palettes (I got Modern Renaissance, Prism and Soft Glam for reference). I love the grungy dark colors, and beautiful greens, teal and oranges. A proper fall palette I would say.


But the formula has been a problem for so many people. I agree that these shades are very loosely pressed, but I don’t find them any softer than the shades in Modern Renaissance or Soft Glam (I think Prism is actually a tad bit firmer in formula than the rest). Sure they are a bit waist-full being so soft, and you do get some fall out, but Subculture is not any worse than the rest I would say. It is just that is has different colors that may be harder to work with than shades in a very neutral palette.

The problem I think for many is that very pigmented, loosely-pressed dark shades will always require a bit more baby-sitting than other shades. It is not because it is a problem with the formula on these it is simply just a bit more time consuming to blend out a dark matte teal that is hyper pigmented than your regular crease shade. I think Anastasia could, with advantage press those darker shades a bit more, so they would have been more easy to control, but since they are not the problem can be solved with being light handed and adding less than you think you need. I find that that is usually enough anyway.

I’ve also seen many complains about these shadows applying patchy. I had no problem with that at all, but that really depends not only on the quality of your eyeshadow but also on your skin. Since they are a bit powdery I can imagine that people with dry eyelids may have problems with them going on patchy or brushing away easily. I don’t have particularly dry or oily lids. I would say they are quite normal, and I did not have any issues with them applying patchy. A sticky base is usually good with powdery shadows though.

Considering it’s issues, would I recommend it? If you can work with a light hand then yes! That’s in my opinion the easiest way to go wrong with this palette, with a too heavy hand, so if you know you can avoid it and like the color story I would say go for it!

So far this is actually my favorite Anastasia eyeshadow palette!

What are your opinions on this? Did you love it or hate it?

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9 thoughts on “Anastasia Subculture – Review & Swatches!


    Great Review! Maybe after alle I am gonna give this palette a try. Since it is very often on sale I think I will sneak it in with my next buy. Totally agree what you say about the colourstory: It looks so great. Super prefect for fall if you love that pop of colour. Makes me look forward to long fall walks with beautiful colourful leaves hanging from the tress around. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing your point of view on this palette! And if I take a look at your post with the looks you created with this palette I cannot resist!

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    1. I was lucky enough to get mine on sale 😊 But I think Revolution has a good option for people who don’t want to risk the money. I only swatched it in store so I don’t really know how it perform on the eyes, but the swatches were satisfying and I’ve heard many great things about it 😊 And yes, fall is just such a beautiful season and it is so well captured in this palette I think 😍


  2. Petra

    I love modern renaissance and I did not purchase this palette because, while the colours are beautiful (especially in your pictures), I’m not sure I would get a lot of use out of them. They are a little more, as you say, grungy. I also really enjoy the quality of modern renaissance, so I don’t really understand what other people complain about! Great review!

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