My Holy Grail Body Lotion – Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butters!

If you have been reading my blog a bit you have definitely seen these little jars of body butter pop up here and there. Especially in my empties post. I tend to go through these like crazy. I figured they deserved their very own post.

I discovered this brand back in 2011 i think. I don#t remember how I found them, but I had a thing for indie skincare and soaps and all that stuff, and Haus of Gloi intrigued me and I picked up a few of their product like their bubbly scrub, skin emulsion and pumpkin butters.


I remember one of the scents I picked out on my first order was “Satyr” a rich, sweet blood orange and vanilla scent. That scent has stayed with me all these years ever since. I don’t use it every day, but I make sure to ALWAYS have one Satyr standing ready in my bathroom shelve. Right now it stands there together with around 20 other scents.

As you probably know by now, the Pumpkin Butters are a big big hit. And for good reason! The scent put a side for a while, the product itself is just as wonderful as the fragrances. It is something between a thick body butter and a lotion. Not as dense as say The Body Shop body butters, but much richer than your average lotion. It gives plenty of moisture that I feel lasts for a long time. Some thinner lotions I feel almost disappear into my skin, but these Pumpkin butters leave my skin feeling moisturized! They also sink into the skin without feeling tacking or leaving any kind of residue on the skin. It feels like a luxury product but the prize is only 10$.


They also come in two different sizes. One 2 Oz container if you want to test out a fragrance, or a 6 Oz one if you want the full size. The small size will last me around 5 full applications, so it is a nice size to test out. They come in a small plastic jar. Nothing fancy about the jar. The printed labels used to be very detailed and beautiful with a pattern that would match the scent description but for some reason the design has changed. I am a bit bummed about that because the new design, although clean and simple looking, makes them less unique and more cheap looking. I wish the old labels with designs good as art would come back.

Their selection of fragrance is also a whole other level. First, their scents are so unique that you won’t find anything like that in this price class. They smell like they are a well composed selection of proper fragrance and not just those synthetic cheap scents you often find. Those cheap synthetic scents can also be good, but you know, this is just next level. Not only do they feel luxurious, they smell expensive as well!

Off Course every scent is not for every one but their selection is so large I am absolutely sure you can find something to suit your taste. And if you are not into scents they do have a scent free version as well.


They do have a fun way of releasing scents. All year round you can order from their general catalogue which holds a nice selection of scents avaliable all year round, like my beloved Satyr scent! They also do release seasonal scents which is so much fun. Over the years I have learned what scents to expect in their different releases so it has become something to look forward to. To get excited about ordering “Insalata Nocturna” and “Zazz” in summer, and look forward to smell “Apple Milk” and “Ghost Puffs” again in fall. The only sad thing is that their seasonal scents seem to sell out so so quickly and I can’t always get a hold of the scents I want. And then there is a whole year of waiting. Luckily they have a lot of delicious smelling stuff in their general catalogue, and they always have some exciting seasonal releases as well.

They do smell fairly strong and the scent lingers on your skin for hours and hours. That means they can be hard to wear together with your regular perfumes, but no need to worry, they have perfume oils and hair oils matching the pumpkin butter scents if you need to wear perfume in addition.

If you are looking for another body lotion to try you should have a look at the Haus Of Gloi website to see if you find a scent you may like, because I am absolutely sure you will love these!



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