Colourpop Fame Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Finally someone released a cool-toned neutral palette! I bet so many have just been waiting for a release like this. The last couple of years a warm toned neutral palette seems to be on the top of every brands release list, and many (including me) have been waiting for a cool toned neutral palette.


That’s why I purchased this palette immediately. Not because I don’t have any cool toned neutral palettes. I can mention Urban Decay Naked 2, Tarte Tartelette and Zoeva En Taupe just from the top of my mind, but I kind of wanted to support that a brand released a coll-toned palette.


Looking at the packaging it does not look like it would be a cool toned palette. The outside looks like it should be filled with pinks, burgundies , peaches and purples, but when you open it you find a surprisingly neutral range of eyeshadows.

This one is bigger than the usual 12-pan with it’s 16 shadows. The shadows are still pretty small, and the packaging slim so even though there is a large number of shades the palette does not appear too bulky or large.


This is however, in every way, a neutral everyday palette. There is not really too much exciting to do here. But the palette is perfect for simple everyday looks, and to be completely fair here there are a couple of matte shades to deepen up the look and add some drama. I am not complaining though. Since my collection lacks a lot of cool toned palettes having a nice everyday option for work is completely fine. But I do hope Colourpop would release a cool toned palette with more daring shades. I mean there are so many taupe, purples, olives and greens that could make a very exciting cool toned palette, so please Colourpop, keep the coolness coming!

The quality is on point! I have mentioned this over and over again, but I guess good things can’t be mentioned enough. I LOVE Colourpop metallic formula, and there is some really nice ones in this palette. The mattes are also great, buttery and blend-able. The pigmentation is on point as always, even “Celeb” which is a very pale pastel pink, has good payoff. There is not a single bad shadow in this palette.

If I should point my finger at something it would be that there could have been much more variety in the shades. Even though “Razzle”, “Stardom” and “Clubhouse” are a bit different, they are still just three typical crease shades that honestly look strikingly similar on the eyes. I think they could have put some medium toned browns there instead and be better off, or a medium tones metallic, because there are an extensive amount of light ones, that also can look very similar on the eyes. I think this palette could have easily been a 12-pan and you would not miss a shade, because as soon as they get on your eyes they almost look like dupes. So not the best job in creating variety with this palette, which is surprisingly because I usually like Colourpops palette composition and for the most part find them very cohesive and thought through. This one still has a way to go.

With that said I can’t wait for my summer tan to wear off so I can put this in my monthly makeup basket and really spend some time to enjoy this cool toned neutral beauty, because the shade selection is perfect for everyday looks.

Althouth the color selection could have had more variety, the quality is on point and so is the price. If you were looking for a neutral cool toned palette for daytime looks this is absolutely a good choice!

What do you think, are you happy to see more cool toned palettes around, or are you still more into warms?



3 thoughts on “Colourpop Fame Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. entitymodel

    I ADORE cool tones. I have neutral skin on the cool side, and warms tend to clash with my skin tone. Imagine my happiness when my favorite brand of all time finally released the palette of my dreams!!! I love it! I personally don’t think there are any similar shades, mainly because my skin is so fair that the difference between the ‘similar’ shades really show up on my eyes. If I had deeper skin I would probably agree with you, though.
    I also thought the quality of this palette is much better than the old ones. The mattes seem more blendable.

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