Smashbox Primer Water – Review!

I have become quite fond of Smashbox products lately. I have picked up a few items here and there and very often turn up to be impressed. Lets just quickly mention the Always On Liquid Lipsticks for instance (I am working my way towards a review on these guys as well by the way).


Smashbox are off course famous and loved for their primers. I got intrigued by this primer spray that also works as a finishing spray and decided to test it out. Whats good about prays like this is that if worst case happens and you don’t like it, you can always use it to dampen your brush. No one likes to waist money on expensive eyeshadow dampener though, but at least it does not go unused.


I did pick it up in the limited edition coconut scent and I will just assume that the original one works the same way. But, while we are at the subject of scent lets just say I won’t pick up this one again. The coconut fragrance is quite chemical. It does not smell very strong, and luckily the scent does not linger on the skin. But the scent is just not pleasant. I usually like coconut scented soaps a lotion so I half way expected to like this one too, but it is too synthetic for me.

I tried it both as a primer and a finishing spray. As a primer it does refresh the skin and gives it a little bit of tackiness. Foundation applied nicely on top, but to be honest I didn’t notice any difference in wear time.


I do like it as a finishing mist though. Again it does not do much to prolong the wear time of makeup (I don’t think Urban Decay All Nighter do that either, at least not enough for me to really notice) but it does make everything melt nicely together.

The mist is also very fine. It is really a mist and not a spray so the moisture is distributed nice and evenly around the face without those annoying drops of water.

The spray also works nice as a pick-me-up when I had a full face of makeup on for a long time and it starts wearing off. A nice spray of this and a few dabs with a beauty sponge and everything looks much nicer and feels more fresh. So I really like this if I want to freshen up but can’t be bothered to add any makeup.


I will absolutely pick up another primer water when I run out, but I will pick the original or another one of the limited edition scents (if they are still around) but stay away from that coconut one.

But, it is quite expensive for something I don’t really notice a difference with as a primer or setting spray. 32 $ is a hefty price-tag for a finishing mist, but I do really like it. The spray gives that nice even mist that is worth spending that extra money on, and the end result after misting is always beautiful.

Did you try this spray? Did you notice any difference in wear time, or did it work really well as a primer? I really appreciate when you leave your experiences in the comment, because it gives everyone reading it several point of view which is great. So please keep them coming!



One thought on “Smashbox Primer Water – Review!

  1. I’ve never tried this primer water and it’s too bad the scent isn’t so nice. I would think it would smell like a tropical vacation and not chemicals. I do like a good mister and this one sounds really good! What other Smashbox Primers have you tried? I’ve heard the Primerizer is really good (I have dry skin so I’d want to try that one)


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