Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – Review!

A matte liquid lipstick from the drugstore who promise superior staying power? Yes, please!

I have been testing this out over a period of time to make my opinion about them. I had the first shade I picked up “Seducress” for a couple of months now, and I picked up two new shades, but I haven’t been able to form a review until recently because I could not really make up my mind about them. You know somethimes you are not wowed at the very beginning but you still feel there is potential and you want to keep trying to figure out if you love the product or it is just OK.


The three shades I have are Pioneer, Seductress and Poet. I love all these shades (duh…I picked them out myself!) and I picked both nudes and a darker shade because I figured with liquid lipsticks sometimes the nudes work great but not the colorful ones, or vice versa.

I managed to do lip swatches this time too. Please bear with me, I am not very good at them, but I am trying my best. The pictures are edited. I decided to blur out everything except the lip. To be honest the reason is that I am too laze to do skin retouching, and my skin is not pretty enough in close-up not too. My camera picks up every pore, every string of peach fuzz, it also picks up wrinkles and lines that my eyes will not be able to see in at least ten years. So I am saving your eyes a bit here, and making the job easier for me. However, the colors and how they look on the lips are untouched.


The shades are beautiful aren’t they? I can’t decide what shade I like the most. I am always a sucker for red lips. I never NOT like a red lip. But the nudes are so flattering too! I think that Poet will be too pale as soon as I get a tan in summer, and would probably be harder to pull off if you don’t have pale skin, but other than that all these shades were a hit for me.

Since I had such a hard time making my mind about this I bet you already guessed that there will be pros and cons about this product.

First things first, they emphasize texture, as you can tell form the pictures. The nudes more than the red. Now, I am not bothered with dry or flaky lips, but I think if you have even a tiny fleck of dry skin it will really show. I would not recommend this to anyone with dry lips unless you pair it with a lip balm, which would change the properties of it making it less long-lasting and less transfer-proof.

The other thing is, if you rub your lips together they stick together. The product is quite tacky. It takes a long time for it to try down and when it does it is still tacky. If you prefer your liquid mattes to dry down completely, then this would be something to avoid.

It also disappears from the inner rim of the lips first while the rest stays bullet proof. That is not a very flattering look. I found that I need to let them properly dry before closing my moth because then it will last much longer. Since it dries very slow it means I have to stand there with open mouth much like a goldfish for 5 minutes.


But the pros are also present. Off course being a drugstore product it is affordable which is always always good!

The applicator is also very nice. It does have a whole in the middle of the applicator that stores product and makes the application very even. The pointed tip in the end also makes it very easy to apply even the red with sharp edges. No aid form lip-liners necessary!

Staying power is also great. Take away the fact that the inner part of the lips may need some reapplication after a couple of hours, the rest will stay put through blood, sweat, tears and nuclear war. They are so long-lasting that even removing them at the end of the day need two attempts at least (and we are talking cleansing balm that takes eyeliner like nothing).

This liquid lip is kiss-proof but not smudge-proof. Meaning you can safely smooch your significant other, but your coffee-mug will look pretty stained. Except for them being a bit tacky (particularly the first hour) they are quite comfy to wear and I don’t feel like they are drying.

So, In the end I feel like this is a lipstick I will use again, and I may even buy another one if I see a color I really like. However, this is not the one I will recommend if someone would ask me to recommend a liquid lipstick form the drugstore because I think many people will dislike how it enhance texture and how tacky it is.

If you are not troubled with dry lips or a lot of texture, and you don’t mind the tacky feel, then these are worth a try if you find a nice color. Still, they are more in the decent working category rather than the you-need-this-in-your-life category.

Did you try these? Do you share my opinion, or do they work different for you! Leave your feedback in the comment so people can see more opinions!



8 thoughts on “Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – Review!

  1. Multibendybeauty

    Love the look of Pioneer! It’s such a shame that they’re sticky and emphasise texture – I can’t stand that sticky lip feeling. They all look gorgeous on you though and I loved your review, thank you for being so thorough! xx

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  2. Great post! I actually like the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink but I’ve only really tried out the color Lover, which is a beautiful mauvey pink. It’s not too dissimilar to the tones in my natural lip color, so even if the inner rim wears off I can’t tell. I know the formula is a bit sticky but again it doesn’t really bother me.

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  3. Petra

    I’m in love with mine – I got Loyalist and Ruler. I don’t actually find them to be too tacky, especially considering how long-lasting they are. YOu aren’t kidding about taking them off – holy moly sometimes I have to remove a layer of skin to get the colour off at the end of the night! I don’t like wearing lipstick to the gym but if I wear this during the day, I have no choice!


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