Isadora bronzer review!

Isadora is a Swedish brand and has been readily available in Norway for many decades. When I grew up this was one of just a handful of drugstore makeup available. It was back in the days before you could buy any thing on internet, before anyone had heard the phrase “beauty guru”, and the little people knew about makeup they learned from their mom, friends or a magazine. Good old days right?


I know that Isadora got available at Walmart a while back, which id great because that means Isadora products should be available also for my US readers (which actually make the majority of my readers).


So I wanted to share one of my very favorite Isadora products with you, and that is this gigantic will-last-you-a-lifetime bronzer!

They come in different colors and finishes, and both matte and shimmery. I picked a matte warm-but-not-orange shade to fit my skin tone. I wanted it to be not too dark because 10 out of 12 months I am as pale as I get. So since this pan is an incredible 35 grams(!) I figured I better pick a shade I could use most of the year.

The compact is huge, I put it next to the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer to compare sizes since I know that is a product very many own, or at least know the size of. It is quite a difference right?


I am so impressed by this bronzer, and I was so surprised about it! This product have been excisting for so long ans has been just living under my nose without me knowing how good it is. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Well, I am telling you, this is great!


The formula is super nice and soft and does now appear the slightest powdery or chalky. It does not have a lot of kickback in the pan, but the product is still not very firm. It is just pressed very nicely so that the product still feels soft to touch, but you don’t waist a lot of product. I find that to be quite rare with drugstore powders but sure is a quality I appreciate.

Not only is the formula nice, but it applies really nice as well. It blends so easily, and you can really just apply this without worrying too much about spending a lot of time to blend to get it nice. It just looks nice from the beginning and you can almost apply it without a mirror. But speaking of mirror, the one in the compact is more than big enough to be used when you apply it. So there is an extra bonus.

The packaging looks pretty. It remind me of the Esteé Lauder Bronze Goddess powders so it does have a more luxurious look.

The drawback is that is is not very travel friendly. Not only is the sheer size of it a bit unpractical, but the big mirror and 35 g of product makes this a very heavy compact. But to use at home it is great!

Have you tried anything from Isadora, or is it an unfamiliar brand to you?



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