Colourpop You Had Me At Hello – Review & Swatches!

I feel like I always have a Colourpop eyeshadow palette review in the making. I have so far picked up every single palette except Semi-Precious (I will eventually). Then I do not include the six-pan or four-pan palettes because I think they are a tad too small for my taste. But every single one of the bigger ones are a precious part of my collection. Some of them had maybe one or two shadows with a little lesser quality than I want, but overall they are very good, and they seem to be just getting better. The quality of the later palettes are all over fantastic and it is a joy to collect and review so many good palettes.

You Had Me At Hello was the first palette to be released with a mirror, which bumped up the price to 18$. Still a very affordable palette. The color story is neutral shades with rosy and golden tones. Very beautiful and easy to use.

The packaging is a bit different than normal. Instead of their usual cardboard this one has a soft almost rubbery feel to it. It makes it look and feel a bit more luxurious, but it also is a lot harder to keep clean. The shimmer from the shadows really get stuck to it, and is hard to clean of.


The shadows are a nice mixture of 6 mattes and 6 metallics. The metallic shades from Colourpop are my absolute favorite. They are so smooth, rich and buttery and I am almost always impressed by them. This palette is no exception. Only Candygram (4th shade in top row) is slightly more chunky and will work a bit better with a tacky base or a damp brush, but it is still a stunning deep rose gold worth that extra second. No need to wet the brush with any of the other metallics since they apply very intense on first swipe. I just love this formula!


But there is something funky about this palette. The name of the palette on the front cover is just a sticker! The same with the backside of the palette, the overview of names are stuck on with a sticker. Some people have been curious, and anyone can easily find what secret this palette beholds when the sticker is removed. The sticker in the front covers up the palettes first given name “Lumina”. Not only did it have a different name to begin with. This palette was originally a collab with Kathleen Lights!

This palette was released some time in October 2017, while Dream St. (The offcial Kathleen Lights collab palette) was released at the very end of the same year.

We can only wonder why they decided to change the name and do another palette for the collab, because this is a beautiful palette and I don’t see any obvious reasons why Kathleen Lights name should not be on it, and they obviously continued a professional relationship with her since the Dream St palette came out a bit later. I am not one to complain though. They did a wonderful job with both palettes.

I have seen some annoyed people about the fact that this palette just have some stickers to cover up the original packaging and that it is shady. I don’t think it is shady. For whatever reason they changed their minds about this palette, they obviously had them ready to go. What should they have done? Thrown away thousands and thousands of perfectly good palettes? Waist resources on popping the shades in another palette? I mean, putting a sticker on must be the best way to don’t let anything go to waist here. I am generally a fan of second hand, so I actually appreciate that brands can think that way too! So I give Colourpop thumbs up for being environmentally conscious in this situation and waist nothing.

The palettes have some beautiful shades to choose from and if you like berry, gold and pink tones you should easily be able to collect many different looks both for every day and more glam occasions.

The formula of these shades are exceptional and I did not find any single one I did not enjoy in this palette. If you are looking for a good Colourpop palette this would for sure be a very good choice!



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