Anastasia Soft Glam – Review & Swatches!

It seems every time Anastasia release a new palette the beauty world goes a bit crazy.

After all the fuzz around Subculture the question of “will we have another Subculture catastrophe on our hands?” seems to be hanging i the air. For the record, I like Subculture, but let’s not go into that discussion now.


The opinions on this first upon its release seemed to be split. Many people threw out that “just another neutral palette” comment, and others felt annoyed that this seemed more like a palette with a repetition of already existing shades instead of a new palette with unique shades. And that’s a good point because 7 of the shades in Soft Glam already exist as singles or in their other palettes. I personally don’t have too many Anastasia palettes, so I only got 3 repeats, but for someone with many of her older palettes and singles this may not be worth picking up after all.


To me it was definitely worth it! I have already used this for quite some time. I got ut already back in early April and it’s already been featured in a favorites post. I guess that alone makes it worth the purchase for me. I guess it was just the combination of both very neutral and beautiful shades that work with every occasion combined with the nice quality that does it for me. But again, as with most Anastasia palettes I’ve tried, it is not perfect!


Packaging is what seems to have become a standard for Anastasia palettes. The uniform velvet cover with the name only, black inside with a mirror and a brush. Even though I like the simple and clean appearance I would prefer something else than the velvet. I like to keep my palettes for a long time so I would prefer something that was easier to keep looking nice.


But, you know. Let#s focus on what is important here, the eyeshadows! I do already own some palettes by Anastasia, including Subculture, and I guess it does have some similarities. For example are the matte shades very loosely pressed. But so are they in Modern Renaissance. It just happens to be a happy little incident that three of the shades in Soft Glam are repeats from Modern Renaissance, which makes it easier to compare individual shades in terms of formula shade by shade. Tempera seems to be the same in both palettes. Burnt Orange was quite loosely pressed and dusty in Soft Glam, more so than in Modern Renaissance, but with Cypress Umber it was the opposite because the Soft Glam version was definitely more firm. However, I did not notice any difference in performance on the eyes.


And they do work great. I had no troubles blending out the shadows, and they applied with ease. No patchy shadow what so ever. The metallics and shimmers also work beautifully. The two more chunky shimmer shades however needed some help. Only the simple help of a dampened brush though, but just be worn that Sultry and Bronze are a bit on the chunky side, and will get fallout. This is something that is missing from Modern Renaissance, those chunky shades that need some help, and that could maybe make people think this is a slightly lesser palette, but to be honest I prefer this.


And I prefer it not because the shadow quality is superior to Modern Renaissance, they are matching them but they are not better. But more so because I love the color story on this. Yes, it is just a neutral palette and you probably have them all, but for some reason there is just some uniqueness to them that I can’t really explain. It is a basic neutral palette but at the same time it is even more.


To be honest this must be one of the best basics palette to get, because it does really have it all. The base, the matte transition shades, the soft shimmers, the dark, the intense black that could be an eyeliner and some very glamorous shades when you want to go heavy duty on your look. All you need for every day, and still so much more. If you are not into colors this one palette has everything to get you covered! You do often see neutral palette, but they are not often this well composed! I know Modern Renaissance is a much loved cult favorite, but I have to say Soft Glam is the one I prefer!

Now the new Norvina palette have been introduced to us, and after the very pleasant experience with Soft Glam I for sure will pick it up as soon as it hit’s the shelves here in Europe! Can’t wait!




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