LUSH Big Shampoo Review!

I am a LUSH fan, I have to admit. However I don’t just love thing unconditionally and I got big hits and big misses among all the LUSH products I’ve tried over the year. Now, not to spoil it all but this is a BIG hit (pun intended) and I will tell you why.


I love the first impression I get from this. When you open that lid there is a fresh sea breeze kind of scent that is just so lovely and refreshing.

The shampoo is filled with chunky pieces of salt. At first I found it a bit weird with all that chunky grains, but it does a good job exfoliating the scalp a bit and it feels just as refreshing as it smells.


Your hair does indeed feel quite clean after this, and I found it necessary to pair it with a conditioner otherwise my hair will be turned to a big ball of fluff. I want volume, but not THAT much!

When my hair is dry after using this this one thing I notice is how airy and voluminous it feels compared to a regular shampoo. This really does wonder for that, and this is one of my favorite things about this shampoo. When my hair needs a pick-me-up this is what I use!

One downside I would say is the price (almost 14£ for the medium size tub) combined with the issue that I usually use quite a lot of this every time because the chunky salt makes it a bit hard to distribute properly, which means I am more gengerous with the amount I use. So for me this is not an everyday product but something I use once in a while when I want some extra volume.


That being said I think this must be my third tub so I obviously still find it worth the steep price, and I will for sure repurchase. This is one of the staple products that I always keep in my bathroom. Recommended!



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