Liveglam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick Subscription – June 2018!

This month we got a nice selection of very delicate creamy colors all with the names inspired by the world of coffee. I would maybe imagine coffee inspired lipsticks to be more brown tones but we got a nice peachy nude, a pale pinky nude and a pale brownish grey.


The finish of all three are matte, and I got my hopes up for these quite early on since I usually really like the quality of their nudes and red shades (the dark vampy shades I have been a bit unlucky with).

One thing that is new with the LiveGlam subscription that may be worth mentioning is that you can now buy old sets or individual lippies. I am not sure if you have to be subscribed to be able to do a purchase, but that is anyways good news since that mean you can get old colors without switching up any of those in your next bundle.

But for now lets focus on this months bundle!


Glammaccino is for me the most interesting shade because I have nothing like it. It is a pale creamy brownish grey shade. As close as you can get to wearing a nude and a grey at the same time I believe. All of the shades in this months bundle is quite pale, so I was excited to see how they would work on me. I do have quite pale skin myself, so that is not an issue, but I do have very pigmented lips, and a pale nude can really look bad on me if it does not fade nicely. This shades actually impressed me quite a bit! I wore it through a very greasy noodle meal, and I expected it to not look that good judging by how greasy my food was, and the fact that I am not the cutest eater. But it held up pretty good. Sure a little bit of fading, but overall the shade looked pretty good. It held up around 6 hours, which I feel is kind of the limit with most of these lippies. After six hours they may very well still look good but they feel a bit more crusty and crumbly. Putting a gloss or lip balm on top will prolong the wear time an additional few hours while being a bit more comfy. But I could easily wear this for 6 hours before feeling that I needed to do something.


Very Brewtiful is a slightly darker shade than the rest and is a nice peachy nude. On my skin this is the most flattering shade I think, and even though I do like all three shades this is probably the one I will get more use out of. This will for sure be in my monthly makeup bag for July because it is such a pretty peachy nude. The longevity is good too. I wore this while visiting a friend and after several hours, cake and countless cups of tea it still looked pretty good for 6 + hours. This one is a bug hit!


Kiss-A-Latte is the palest shade, and is a creamy nude pink. The shade is really pretty, but a bit more demanding for me to use since my lips are quite pigmented and the contrast to this one is big. I found that I did have to reapply this after around 3 hours for my natural color not to show through anywhere. I can’t imagine it looking very good on deeper skin-tones, at least not on its own, but it is a very good shade to put in the center of your lips and I have some nice mauves from Decembers LiveGlam subscription that paired lovely with this.

Also, this month I managed to make some lip swatches as well. Especially Glamaccino looks very different (more brown) in the tube than what it does on the lips, so here goes some swatches! The skin is edited to put focus on the lips and not my pores and mustache (yep!), but the color it untouched.

Very Brewtiful

But if you are more into arm swatches I did those for you as well as usual!


Again, Glamaccino is a bit more brown tones here while on the lips it’s more grey. Also Kiss-A-Latte looks less pink and not as pale as it is on the lips. So there was a bit of a difference how these lippies looked no my arm compared to my lips.

Overall I am again quite happy with the bundle. They are all nice shades I had fun trying out, but Very Brewtiful must be the clear favorite. Which one is yours?

The lippies for July are also released and they looks so stunning so I can’t wait to try them too!



8 thoughts on “Liveglam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick Subscription – June 2018!

  1. Yes, Very Brewtiful looks the best. I have never had a lipstick not disappear around the inner part of my mouth after eating lunch. I have resigned myself to completely removing lipstick midday and reapplying. πŸ˜”

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    1. Did you try Jeffree Star or Smashbox Always On? If none of them work I think you are right that nothing works on you, because these are incredible. Oil will always dissolve liquid lipsticks though 😊


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