The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation – Review!

I read so many good reviews about this foundation when it was released a while ago, and it really triggered my interest. Despite the fact that I have tried several makeup products from The Body Shop before and they never really wowed me. I am all for giving second chances.


The foundation claims to have a matte high coverage, 24H long wear, 24H shine control, 24h breathable wear, promote clear looking skin and be non-pore clogging. It sound all great but what foundation has a disclaimer on the packaging saying it does not really work. This one should have it though!


Let’s talk about the good things first. It’ is, as it claims, high coverage with a matte finish. When I just applied it to my skin it looks nice, even and matte without looking too matte and flay. I like the finish, I found that it takes a while to get it on my skin though. I tried with a brush and it was quite streaky, so I had to go over with a beauty sponge afterwards to get rid off all the lines in the foundation. So I preferred just applying it with a sponge. Thing is I felt like I was bouncing that sponge for ages and that the foundation just moved around for a while before settling down. I don’t have time for that in the morning so I quickly realized this was not my everyday foundation. I need the foundation I use in the morning to go on the skin easily without me spending too much time on it.

This is also supposed to be non-pore clogging and promote clearer skin, and it is because of the tea tree they put in. It gives it a odd smell, and it feels a bit cooling and tingling on the skin when you first apply it. The sensation disappears for a while. I don’t have much to clear up on my skin, but I didn’t have any pore-clogging after using this for a few weeks straight so I guess that claim is correct for my skin at least.


But when we start talking about the 24H wear claim this is when I get problems. It is a silly claim in the first place. Who need a foundation to wear for 24H? Besides I never expect them to be that long lasting. However, when a foundation claims to last for that long I kind of expect it to last at least a full work day. And this don’t. It actually starts falling apart after 2-3 hours. And this is where my big issue with this is: I have never seen a foundation fall apart as bad as this! I don’t have dry skin, but still this one makes me look that my forehead is filled with flakes of try skin it clings to, and it completely wears off around the nose and cheeks.

I know, it could be a bad match with the primer that makes a foundation behave like this. But I tried it with a mattifying silicone based primer, Smashbox Primer Oil, a firming water-based primer, and no primer at all. None of these changes made any difference in how long it stayed on my skin. I can deal with a foundation not lasting forever on my skin, but when it falls apart and makes me look dead and old I think I will pass.


The foundation comes in a squeezy tube with a simple design. It contains 30 ml and the price-range is somewhere between drugstore and high end. I would suggest you save that money and but something else, but off course what does not work for me can be great for you. However, due to my own bad experience I highly suggest yo get a sample first to see if it works for you, because this is the worst foundation I have tried in years!

It’s not fun, writing bad reviews like this. I really like reviewing stuff but I get so much more excited about doing a review when I really like the product. But when I stumble upon something I don’t like I rarely write a full review of it, because being negative is not at all as fun as sharing an exciting great product with you all. Sometimes when I try a product that I don’t like I rather just not put up a review of it. But what do you think? You like reading reviews regardless if they are good or bad? Let me know your thoughts in the comment!



12 thoughts on “The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation – Review!

    1. Well thank you so much for that. It is more fun to write about something I am really excited about, but also a bad review has some information that could be valuable so some so at least there is that 😌

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    1. I have more normal skin that can be a bit dehydratet when season change, so hard for me to tell, but I can’t really imagine it would last long on oily skin since it faded so quickly. I love the Body Shop body butter!

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  1. Charlotte Cobb

    I think it’s good to write bad reviews and I do like to read them because it’s definitely helpful for anyone who was thinking of buying the product!

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  2. I think often times, we hear too many bloggers/youtubers/influencers gush about how great products are, and that is great and all. There truly are many great products out there. But it is nice to learn about things that just don’t work.

    I sometimes follow beauty blogs that have bloggers with similar skin as mine, just so I can steer clear of things that might ruin my own skin. Or at least in those cases I’d know to test it before I purchase it.

    I’ve always thought the 9:1 ratio works best. For every 9 good reviews, share one thing that isn’t so great, or what you expected.

    I even enjoy posts about beauty products used for things they aren’t actually intended for. Why waste that product that doesn’t work, find a creative way to reuse it, or use it for some other reason. It often gives me ideas for things that I have that aren’t working. Like a really bad conditioner being a great shaving cream.

    I love The Body Shop, and have been using their products for a good long while. The makeup line just hasn’t been around long enough for them to have formulas locked in. I have only tried a handful of things, and often am left wishing the product was just a bit better. I now test all the makeup I purchase there, or grab things only when on sale.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much for all this fantastic feedback! I really appreciate it. I never heard of the 9:1 ratio before but ut sound like a great guideline. I also find negative reviews to be very helpful, but I have to admit it’s a lot more fun to write about something I like. Would love to know if you have any favorites from the Body Shop to recommend. I’ve tried a few things thats been good, but I don’t think (except the Body Butter) that I found something I felt I needed to repurchase. Always happy to get a good recommandation ☺️

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      1. The oil based perfumes are by far the most favorite thing I have ever purchased from The Body Shop. They are like any regular perfume, but because they are oil based, they are heat activated, which means that they work well in stressful situations, while you are at the gym, in the summer, when you are all cozy by the fire. They basically re-trigger, so there is no need to reapply. That is . . . as long as you are putting it on your actual body, and not your clothing.

        I like their Eau de Toilette as well. The spiced ones, or the ones that are based off of baked items are often the best, so the Man tells me, haha.

        I’ve recently fallen in love with the new Body Yogurts. You put them on damp skin, so just after you patted yourself dry. It is a very thick, and it does really feel like actual yogurt. When I use it, I find that is is absorbed very quickly, leaves my skin soft, and lasts a good 24 hours. You don’t need to use a huge amount for your whole body either.

        The thing I have probably used the longest other than the perfume oils has to be their shower gels. Due to many sensitivities I can’t handle bar soaps on my skin, so the shower gels have been a great staple for me other the years. They lather really well, and the scents are lingering for a good period of time. I find a bottle lasts me a good while too.

        I am trying out a few new to me products from their line right now, but the one I’ve been enjoying the most is their Born Lippy Balm in Satsuma Shimmer. I’ve used their Lip Butters for years, but I like this a bit better, and it is the only shimmer one they have made to date, so it makes me feel like it is special for some reason. I also have always loved the Satsuma scented products, so that is probably another reason.

        You already know about the Body Butters. For years I was only getting mango and almond, but I tried the Fuji Green Tea one last year, and fell in love. I highly recommend it, especially if you are sensitive to scents.

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