Wet N Wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette “Dulce de Leche” – Review!

This is one of the items I picked up not to long ago when I decided to try out the brand for the first time. Yes, I tried Wet N Wild for the first time ever just a few months ago. You see, this brand has never been available in stores where I live so I just never got around to it.

It is such a cliche, but better late than never. Some of the products I tried were hits, and some were not. Today I will be reviewing a specific product, namely the MegaGlo Contouring Palette in the shade “Dulce de Leche”.


I did buy this specific product because I’ve heard many good things, and I know how to appreciate a good contour! The price is unbeatable, 4.99 $ for 12.5 g of product is just excellent. The packaging gives away that is is cheap. It is just the kind of cheap, flimsy packaging that easily breaks and looks a decade old from scratches after being a week in your travel makeup bag. For the price I can live with that, even though I do know to appreciate some luxury packaging. For 4.99 that’s just not what you get though, and that’s fine. The product has two pan with one matte highlighting powder and one cool-tones contour.


The highlighting part is decent. It works well to brighten a bit under the eye or to tidy up the contour a bit underneath the cheekbones if necessary. When I first applied the contour to my face I dipped my brush in, applied it to my face and though “holy S%#¤#!”, because that contour powder has some real pigment, and at first I thought the makeup was ruined. Luckily the powder is super easy to blend, and I managed to make it work. But, lesson learned, tap the brush and use a light hand!


These powders are very loosely pressed though, and you get a pretty extensive amount of kickback in the pan. You can probably tell from the finger swatches how soft they are. This means on one hand that they are easy to blend, but on the other they are also quite waist-full. I do have a small dent in each pan already, after maybe some weeks use (but not every day). So if you were to use this every day you would probably run out of it very fast.


I do think, despite some cons with packaging and wasting too much product, that this is a nice and user friendly (easy to blend) contour duo. The price also just pulls up the impression, because this gives a pretty good result for that price! On my skin (nordic) these shades are great, but I can imagine medium skin tones and darker would not find this exact shade to match, and unfortunately with only one other shade to pick form options are spare. If you think it will match yous skin it is worth a try though.



3 thoughts on “Wet N Wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette “Dulce de Leche” – Review!

  1. I agree it has lots of kick back, but I never use much product anyway so it has lasted me quite a bit. I love how easily it blends too. It’s one of my favorite contour palettes and I don’t own very many lol.

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