Colourpop Give It To Me Straight – Review & Swatches!

Give It To Me Straight, is it any good? Is a big clear “YES!” enough of an answear?

I do tend to love the quality of the Colourpop eyeshadows palettes. I don’t love every single formula they have. I for instance think their glitter shades are a bit too chunky, and I have encountered some off shades here and there. But I really do like their matte formula, and I do think their metallics are superb.


So a brown, coppery and mauve palette filled with mattes and metallics should be good right?

This is a typical neutral palette. You got all the basics you need for simple neutral looks. But in my opinion this is kind of neutral-but-prettier. I really like the combination of colors here. I also really like that they added enough mauve and berry tones, as a nice change of the orange and red tones we have seen a bit too often in neutral palettes.


The shades swatch beautifully, and they apply beautifully on the lid as well. The formula is very consistent throughout the palette. The metallics are rich, smooth and buttery like they usually are. The mattes are smooth ans easy to blend. I bit loose pressed as their matte formula usually is, but still more firm than what we see from ABH and Lorac for instance. There is also one shade “BS” that is a matte base with tiny flecks of glitter. As I have mentioned before this kind of shades are never my favorite. Sure they can work and look pretty on the lid, but more often than not I find the glitter to be pointless due to it either disappearing completely upon blending, moving down on my cheeks and under eyes or just not really showing up. The base is a beautiful rich warm brown so it is still a pretty shade. It just stands out a bit since I love the matte and metallic formula, but this one is just not my thing.


But lets talk shades or what?

Matter of Fact: Matte beige. Nice to set the primer, or as a matte brow-bone highlighter.

Up Front: Pale metallic gold. Smooth, rich and just as gorgeous as their metallic formula usually is.

Straight Up: Metallic medium brown. Colourpop describes this as a warm gold, but to me this is to brown to be a gold, and brown enough to be a brown. Formula is on point!

BS: This is the shade I already mentioned. I don’t understand why Colourpop describes this as a matte, it clearly has flecks of gold glitter in it. But it does disappear for the most once applied to the eyes, so I guess it works as a matte. Why not just skip the glitter in the first place then. #pointless.

Frank: Matte mid-tones brown. Warm, but much less so than BS.

Candid: Metallic warm copper. The formula on the metallics are amazing, so I guess I am just repeating myself at this point.

Forthright: Described on Colourpops website as a neutral metallic rose. I have to say I am a bit confused about the shade descriptions on this palette. To me this is not a rose shade. It is a brown with red tones, but for be a rosy shade would be more the kind of shades you see in “You Had Me At Hello”. This is a bit more chunky than the metallics usually tend to be, and that also means it does have a bit more fallout.

Downright: Matte pinky beige. A perfect transition shades that match the rest of the palette really well.

Truth Hurts: Matte peachy beige. Another transition shade or crease color just with another undertone. It is also slightly darker than Downright.

Be Blunt: Deep metallic berry shade. Needs a tiny bit of build-up to reach full intensity, but otherwise good.

TMI: Matte mid-toned burgundy. Beautiful shade that can be used for almost everything.

Actually: Dark matte brown. Nice shade to deepen any look you do with this palette.


The packaging is their standard 12-pan palette with cardboard packaging and no mirror. Did you know that the palette is magnetic and the shadows pop right out? Such a neat feature of the Colourpop palettes at least if you want to save space and depot. The design of the packaging is very simple. Just one color and the name of the palette in gold letters in the front. Very minimalistic indeed, and borderline boring if you ask me.


One thing i LOVE,LOVE LOVE about this palette is that they finally put the names inside the actually palette. The names of the shadows also match the name of the palette giving it sort of a theme which is fun. The price is still amazing 16$.


Composition of shades is really great I would say. You got all the basics you need, and in that sense the palette is complete and you don’t need a “company palette” or additional shades to make a complete look. Great for traveling, and great for busy mornings when you just want to make it simple and get really in a hurry without too many items. I love the shades as well, and the performance is very good, All in all another good, handy palette.




4 thoughts on “Colourpop Give It To Me Straight – Review & Swatches!

    1. I feel you. I have given so much makeup I was decluttering to my sister, and I have had many regrets πŸ˜… At least she looked happy for recieving stuff πŸ˜‰ Good think this is cheap so you can hopefully get one yourself too ☺️❀️

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