Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation – A selfie lovers best friend?

I picked up some Wet N Wild products for the first time a few months ago. Even though I’ve heard a lot from the brand for many many years I never tried anything from them. Mainly because it is quite hard to get your hands on where I love (forced to order online and with international shipping). The other reason was that I was a snob and mainly wanted to buy only expensive brands for some years. I do still love my high-end and luxury makeup brands, but I collected so many pleasant drugstore products over the year that I have become more and more open to what cheap brands can offer. And to be frank, a lot of them can offer kick-ass products completely on par with luxury quality.


So I decided to finally dive in to the Wet N Wild makeup selection, and picked up four products for me to test, review and get to know the brand. One of them where the foundation that is supposed to be perfect for photographs and give an Instagram worthy finish to your skin.

So let’s review this baby! First things first: Packaging. It is a simple glass bottle with some simple black text and design. The cap is black plastic with a spatula like applicator. There is no denying that this packaging looks cheap. No one will think you care about luxury and design when you pull this out of your makeup bag. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad or ugly, it just looks like you did pay mainly for the product inside and not so much for the bottle. That’s fine, we don’t all care about appearance anyway. The spatula I am not a big fan of though. I find it a bit unhygienic, and I don’t like dabbing it around my face and then put it back in the bottle. I partly solved the issue by just scraping the product of on my beauty sponge, but it is still a bit annoying.

Also, it smells. Or more correctly: It stinks! The fragrance is very paint like and unpleasant. It disappears quickly, but it does not add any luxury feel to the product.


The most important thing though, is how it performs. The foundation is quite liquid, and that makes it very easy to distribute on the face, and it is very easy to apply. I found that I could work it quite quickly into the skin, which I like, but it does need to be set with a powder.

The coverage is light to medium. I really like this kind of coverage for summer and spring because I prefer my skin to look as natural as possible, especially when I am out in sunlight. So I really like the coverage it gives. It is supposedly a matte finish, but I kind of think it looks more satin on me.

This foundation is supposed to stand out from other foundations in the sense that is has a  light-adjusting formula that is supposed to give a filter like perfection in any light condition without reflecting a white cast in photos. I don’t know about that light-adjusting thing, but it is free from flashback at least, and it does give a nice finish to the skin.


It feels very light-weight. Like it is not really there. And again that is a quality I like in a summer or springtime foundation. The wear time is not that bad either. After 6 hours it still looks decent. If I take a very close look I can see it starts to disappear in certain areas, but not bad at all. After 8 hours it has started to fade, but it does fade with grace. It realize it is time to go and simply fades, compared to some foundations that just wont give up and clings un-charmingly to the patches they can find. I like a graciously fading foundation.

As a few finishing bonuses it is super cheap, vegan and cruelty-free. I don’t strictly stick to cruelty-free makeup, but I for sure find it to be a bonus and something worth appreciating and mentioning in a review.

So, I guess I get the hype! A light-to-medium, satin finish (it claims to be matte but not on me), natural, fairly long-wearing, no-flashback foundation. It makes my skin look good, and if I were into selfies I could definitely take one wearing this.

Did you try this? What are your thoughts?



7 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation – A selfie lovers best friend?

  1. The Laura Jessica

    I live off Wet n Wild products because it’s cheap and I’m cheap. I love this foundation in cooler weather but in summer I stay away from it. It feels like it clogs my pores. But I’m in Florida so it’s just too hot to wear makeup. Great product though but yes it does smell like paint.

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  2. I’ve been wanting to try Wet n Wild products as well, namely their photo focus primer, foundation and setting spray. I used to see the brand at Metro Ayala department store but unfortunately they’re temporarily closed due to a fire. 🙄

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