LiveGlam KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – May 2018

The beautiful bridal themes lip bundle for May just recently came, and I have been wearing the different shades for a few day just to get to know the shades and the quality. I’ve had this subscription since October 2017, and for the most I am very happy with the formula, especially on the nude and red shades. I have experienced some issues with the dark ones so I decided this month would be my final “dark-lippie-month” if I dislike the darkest shade. You do have the option to switch out shades in the subscription if you see something you don’t think you will use, so if the dark shade did not work this time I actually considered that strategy for future months.


This month we got two matte liquid lipsticks and one gloss. I had my suspicions that I would not like all the shades this month, but I was wrong…luckily! I actually really like both the color and quality of both the liquid lipsticks. The gloss is, well, a gloss. I find it hard tell if a gloss is good or just OK. I mean, you can easily tell if they are bad, because they are very sticky. And you can easily tell if the formula is exceptional like the Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer. But everything in between is just…glosses.


Anyway, the packaging seems to be changed (it was the same last month too). I have talked about this before that the applicator and the color of the lid is different. The tube is also a tiny bit shorter than the old one. I kind of miss the old packaging because it actually did look a bit more luxurious. The lid now looks more like plastic than it used to. I hope they will switch back to their old packaging. Not that they looked bad now, but the younger version was better looking. Not everything age well. You still get the same scent and the same 2.8 ml amount, so there are just some slight changes in packaging, but please, change it slightly back!

But lets talk shades!


Bachleorette was the shade I really expected to be disappointed with. I have gotten a few darker shades in this subscription since October, and the quality has been a bit mixed, but overall they haven’t been on par with the nudes or reds. Some of them (Like Vixen from the October 2017 bundle) has been downright awful!  It is just like the formula did not work as well with darker shades. Some of them have been a bit patchy and needed two layers and they did not last as long. This time it seems like the formula has change to the better. I could not see any unevenness or streakyness after applying one layer, which is always a plus. So i  left it on expecting it to fade quite quickly since it was a darker shade. Some hours one dinner and one huge mug of coffee later the lipstick was still pretty intact. Only a slight fade on the inner rim of the lips, but it had only faded a bit in strength and the color was still there. That  is pretty decent for a dark lipstick treated rough. This is without any doubt the best dark lipstick I ever received through this subscription. And I love the dark vampy shade! I hope they continue creating darker lips with this quality.


Bride To Be is my clear favorite. A pinky mid-toned nude with a matte finish. It looks just gorgeous on the lip, and is a perfect nude for me. Not to pale (I have fair skin but very pigmented lips so very pale nudes feel a bit weird to me) and not to dark. I could easily use this color for work everyday. It has a very good staying power as well. I usually find the nudes in this formula to be better than average and that is still true with this. After 6 hours and a meal it still looked good and did not need to be reapplied. Just a gorgeous shade that looks great on the lips for hours and hours, and it’s just my kind of shade. I am eyeing a favorite here!


Fiancée is the gloss in the bundle. A pale baby pink without shimmer. The gloss has medium opacity. Some color shows, but it is not in any way opaque. It just give a nice soft, pink blur to your lips. The formula of the gloss is very comfy. It feels light-weight and is not sticky at all. So the formula of the gloss is good. It is nice for everyday and gives a quite subtle look. Great for days when you don’t want to wear that much makeup but just want to throw on a little something. It is pretty, everyday friendly, comfy and all that. But kind of just a gloss if you get what I mean. I have been a bit more into glosses as of lately, so I will probably get some good use out of it though.


But, lets talk about how hard it is to swatch a neutral non-opaque gloss. Sorry, but it just does not really show up that well. It is still pretty though, you just have to take my word for it. But look how gorgeous the two mattes are! They are swatched in the same order as they are described. Bachleorette on top, Bride To Be in the middle, and Fiancée on the bottom.

This months subscription was good for me. I will definitely use all of the different shades, and especially Bride To Be is something I see myself reaching for often.


If you read this after the May bundle has disappeared just know that they can be bought separately from the LiveGlam web page now, which I think is great because I have been wanting some of the older shades myself, but I didn’t want to disrupt my subscription bundle because that would kind of take the point out of this post.

If you want to try one of the older lipsticks just make sure to pick up a nude or a red, those have the best formula out of the older versions.

Which one of these shades did you prefer?





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