Colourpop Dream St. Eyeshadow Palette – Swatch & Review!

As soon as I saw this palette I knew it had to be added to my collection. I ordered it almost immediately after the release and I waited. And I waited….and waited. And nothing happened. It was just before Christmas and international shipping always takes ages, even more so around that time of year, so I was patient. After I while I had to contact Colourpop to see what happened with the parcel. I got a refund and repurchased the palette, and in late February it finally arrived. Some months late, but better late than never. I am never in a rush to put out releases because I want to be thorough with my reviews and test products properly out first. I just don’t feel fit to review something after trying it only 3-4 times.


So I have been playing with this through March, and I got my ideas of it sorted. I initially really like the looks of it and the color selection, that’s why I new I had to have it in the first place. It does have some flaws though, I have to admit that, but it is despite that pretty darn good since it managed to be a part of my March favorites post!

The packaging is their standard cardboard packaging with a beautiful creme and gold marble pattern. Very pleasing to the eye. You do know that this is magnetic and the shadows just pop out and you can rearrange them as you please or just collect them in a big z-palette? Just thought I would mention it because I think that is a pretty neat feature of these Colourpop palettes.


The composition of the palette is good. I find my base shades, crease shades, highlighting shades, lid shades and some pops of color all in the same palette. No problem at all to create looks with this palette alone.


Shooting Star – Light brown matte. Smooth and creamy shade just as I am used to with Colourpops pressed powder shadows. Very good as a crease or transition shade.

Magical – Warm matte beige. Works as an all over base shade on my complexion.

Star Dust – Metallic copper. Medium pigmentation that builds up.

Twinkle – Described as a metallic rose gold on Colourpops website, but I find this too brown and too little rosy and too dark to be a true rose gold shade. It is stunning though. This shadow is like intense liquid metal. It is so smooth it applies almost like a cream and not a powder. Hands down amazing shade, and by far the most impressive one of the bunch!

Sweet Dreams – Metallic champagne. Nice for an everyday look. Nice as a lid color paired with Shooting Star in the crease and Elfish along the lash line for a quick and pretty everyday look.

Water Bearer – Matte dark teal. The pigmentation is good, but it is a very loosely pressed and dusty shade. You get tons of fallout, and it can apply a bit patchy. Need some work, but the end result is a very pretty color. Love this as a dark teal smoky eye!

Potion – Reddish medium toned brown. A nice multitask shade. Nice as a crease shade for more intense warm looks or just on the lid, or to darken up  a everyday look a tiny bit. Quite dusty shade, but nice pigmentation and blends easy.

Spark – Matte neon dark orange-red. Nice pigmentation, but as with many of the darker mattes in this shade it is very powdery. It does perform well on the eyes and gives nice opacity but it still very easy to blend.

Kaleidoscope– Metallic silvery nude with blue hues. Nice, smooth and with medium but build-able coverage. I find that shades like this from Colourpop often can be a bit on the chunky side. but this is not.

Elfish – Dark matte warm brown. Perfect to deepen any of the looks, or to use along the lash line. Still a bit powdery but not as much as, Water Bearer, Potion or Spark. Blends very easily and is pigmented.

Moony – Satin champagne shade. Perfect as a more subtle brow bone or inner corner highlighter. Fro the days when you want that gorgeous glow in your look, but don’t want the intense beam. Very very nice shade, and one of my favorites in the palette.

Mermaid Boy – I love the name! I also love the metallic deep teal shade. Perfect match with water bearer for a teal smoky eye. Pigmented and smooth!


The overall quality of these shades are good. None of the shades are bad, because they all work satisfactory. The drawback of this palette is that some of the mattes, namely Water Bearer, Potion and Spark are very powdery and loosed pressed. This is nothing new for Colourpops matte pressed powder shadows, because they are powdery in general, which I don’t really mind. But these shades are much more powdery than usual, and I can see a very considerable dent in each of these three shades, even though this haven’t been used that much. I think if you used this palette straight up for one month you would have pan in several shades. Meaning, this palette is maybe not as cheap as it may seem if you think about how much use you get out of it. If you have a larger collection you probably won’t mind, but if you only have a few palettes on your hand I think you will find yourself hitting pan on this palette at a quite impressive speed.

The blend-ability and pigment on the palette is beautiful though, and except from Water Bearer that can be a bit patchy, they all apply like a dream. Some fallout on the darker shades though.

The big big winner in this palette for me is Twinkle. It looks like liquid metal and it is maybe the smoothest and richest metallic I have in my whole collection (which has over 100 palettes including Natasha Denona ones). The palette is worth the purchase for this shade alone in my opinion. Moony is also a shade very well worth having since it is a stunning satin shade that gives the most flattering glow.


With the few downsides put aside, I did fall for this palette. It truly is dreamy and it is definitely among the best palettes Colourpop has released. If you are super annoyed with dusty shadows I don’t think this is your new best friend, but if you can look past it the palette is a catch.

Being the usual 16$, you get a nice palette for a pretty penny. As mentioned maybe the value is not that great when it comes to longevity of the palette, but it don’t hurt too much to splurge on it.


In my opinion this is a complete palette. What I mean by that is that I could easily travel with this palette alone, and make it work for me without missing anything essential. Still it is not boring. So you get a bit of everything here. Natural barely there makeup, colorful looks or dark smoky eyes. You can do it all with this! Besides Moony looks great as a cheek highligher (at least on my skin) so that is a travel bonus!

This was a hit for me!





14 thoughts on “Colourpop Dream St. Eyeshadow Palette – Swatch & Review!

  1. Great review. I love this palette too and have been loving using it. I don’t typically buy YouTube collab makeup but I couldn’t pass this one up because it’s Kathleen lights and it was really affordable and I thought the shades were unique as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! There are too many collabs for be to be sble to pick up all, but I quite like them because I think a lot of youtubers would not want to put their name on something they don’t think is good. But in this case the color selection really sucked me in as well. Such a nice versatile palette 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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