Tarte Tartelette Toasted VS. Colourpop Double Entendre – Dupe?

Tarte came out with their third palette in their Tartelette series in October 2017. The Tartelette Toasted palette. I did a review on this palette a while ago together with a post where I present a few makeup looks. Overall this is a nice quality well put together warm neutral palette.

Some weeks later Colourpop released their Double Entendre palette. Also a warm neutral palette with nice mattes and delicious metallic shades. When I first got this in the mail I was surprised to see that this palette had exactly the same packaging as the “I Think I Love You” palette by the same brand, just with different shades. But the shades are in deed very similar to the Tartelette Toasted palette. While the Tartelette Toasted is a beautiful palette it still costs 46$, so if Colourpop can offer a 16$ copy with their regular great quality then I am not one to complain.

So I took both palettes and decided to do comparison swatches. Since they are not arranged in a similar way I decided to swatch the Tartelette Toasted palette in the right order and then I found the best matching shade from the Double Entendre palette to match it with.


I always swatch the matching pair in the same order. Firts is the swatch from the Tarte Palette, then the similar shade from the Colourpop palette, then the next shade from the Tarte palette and so on. Here is the first row from Tartelette Toasted with similar CP shades, but lets go through them one by one.

The first shade in Tartelette Toasted (from now TT) is S’More which is a matte bone shade. This is comparable to Double Entendres (from now on DE) Locked & Loaded which is basically the same just a bit more yellow. On the eyes they will look very similar.

Next is from TT is Sunrise which is compared to DE Flasher. Again the shade from DE is slightly more Yellow, and Sunrise from TT has a slightly more high shine to the finish, but in the eyes it would be hard to tell the difference. The DE shadow is slightly more pigmented.

Third shade in the first row in TT is Sunset, a metallic golden shade. The equal shade in DE is Uninhibited. Sunset is a bit more rich in texture, while Uninhibited is a bit more smooth in consistency and slightly more red in undertone. You can tell them apart on swatches, but I doubt it would be easy to see on the eyes.

Crackle is the last one in this row, and it is a dark brown with flecks of golden glitter. The “twin” from DE is Hot Bod. They are as good as identical.


So lets jump down to the second row in TT.The first shade Cashmere is a matte muted pastel orange, and the equivalent in DE is Nekkid. Cashmere is a bit smoother and richer than Nekkid, and Nekkid is a bit warmer. But, as you can see in the swatches they are pretty darn similar still.

Warmth is the next shade and is compared with Extra Curricular in DE. They are both matte burnt orange shades, but Warmth from TT is just a bit darker.

Flame in TT is a stunning red-tones coppery metallic, the closest one in DE was Draft that is a bit paler and less red. Flame is also a bit more rich. This time TT has the better shade for sure.

The final shade on this row is Cozy. A deep matte terracotta shade. The comparable shade in DE is Hard. Also these guys are pretty close dupes both in performance and color.


Third row in the palette, and this time I could only compare three of the shades to a similar one in DE.

The first one in TT , Candle,  is very close to Keep it PG in DE. These metallic champagne shades are pretty similar only that Keep it PG is slightly more warm. Candle is also a bit more rough in texture so the consistency of the DE shade is much smoother and a bit richer. This time around DE wins the match.

Latte from TT is very close to Nip Slip in DE. They are both richly pigmented, smooth and blendable but “Latte” is a bit warmer on my skin even though it does not look like it in the pan.

Simmer was the only unmatched one in the TT palette. I guess it is still pretty close to Draft from DE but that one is already a good match to Flame and Simmer is not as red-toned. It is more warm gold. So this one is paired up with Send Noodles from DE which I am aware does not match at all, but it had to go somewhere. Send Noodles is however a nice transition shade, so what palette you prefer may depend on if you want an extra metallic shade, or an additional transition shade.

Finally the dark matte Fireside is a close match to Teddy Bare. However Fireside is slightly darker and much richer in color. Again TT is the clear winner.



So, are they dupes? I would say yes. It also seems very intentional since Colourpop used the same packaging as with the “I Think I Love You Palette” it is almost like they did not have time to create a unique packaging in order to get out the palette while Tartelette Toasted was still a hot topic. Honestly, I find in a bit tacky. It is still a beautiful palette, and with the arrangements of the colors it is not very obvious that this is the same palette as Toasted so I think people would snag this up regardless.

They are both beautiful palettes and perfect for warm toned neutral lovers, but which one is worth picking up?


The biggest difference in comtent is the difference between “Simmer” and “Send Noodles”. If you think you would miss that extra transition shade in TT, then go for DE. If you think you can do with the other shades as crease and transition shades and would like an additional metallic then go for TT.

Other than that the obvious difference is the price. Tartelette Toasted is off course the more expensive one with 46$ compared to Double Entendres 16$. It is a whopping 30$ difference, and you can get a lot of extra fun stuff from Colourpop for that 30$! Tartelete Toasted does have more exclusive and more high-end packaging compared to Colourpops simple re-used cardboard packaging, and TT has a mirror. If you value packaging then you may want to splurge those extra $$ because TT is better by far when it comes to packaging.


If content quality is the most important then these palettes are very similar. They are both of excellent quality. These where a few shades where TT had the better option, but on the other hand “Candle” in TT was a bit lesser compared to the DE equivalent. Overall I would say that Tartelette Toasted beats Colourpop by a nose, but it is not a 30$ nose so I am sure Colourpops quality will not disappoint. You really have to swatch them side by side to discover any difference, and on the eyes it is very hard to tell a difference.

In my opinion it is about packaging. If you value pretty packaging then maybe consider Tartelette Toasted, if you are most concerned about eyeshadow quality or jsut want the most out of your money then Colourpop is the better choice. No matter how you twist and turn it, they are both good quality, so wether or not you pick either one of them depends on your preferences.

Which one would you pick? If I had to re-pick I would actually pick Tartelette Toasted, but I am happy enough to own both.






6 thoughts on “Tarte Tartelette Toasted VS. Colourpop Double Entendre – Dupe?

    1. Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you 😊 💕 And I can really recommend the Colourpop eyeshadow palettes. The formula is great 😀 The only one I could not get to work for me was “Golden State of Mind” but the rest have been big hits 😊👍

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  1. Whoa they really are pretty similar. I still don’t know if I would get either, probably the Colourpop one cause it’s cheaper but a lot of palettes that I have already warm shades,a do it seems I have the majority of those shades whether they’re in a palette or single pan. Great review though!!

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