Colourpop Double Entendre – Swatch & Review!

Something looks oddly familiar with this palette. Not just the fact that it is just another warm-toned neutrals palette, but it feels like I have seen this before.


I didn’t realize this when I ordered the palette, but when it arrived I realized that this packaging is exactly the same as the packaging on “I Think I Love You”. They just put on some stickers on the back. Not sure how I feel about this. I now have to open one of the palettes to know if I am pulling out “Double Entendre” or “I Think I Love You” from my drawer. It just feels like a bit of a simple solution to me, and I wish Colourpop would have just changed the packaging, like they have done with all other palettes.


The inside of the packaging I really like though. A nice selection of matte neutrl skades, and some very stunning metallics. I have probably mentioned this before, but I am a very big fan of Colourpops metallic formula. Among all their formulas this is withouth double my favorite because they are so richly pigmented and still smooth as butter. I rarely find in necessary to dampen my brush, and I norally like doing that for full impact. With Colourpop metallics you get that immediately. This is no exception in this palette and I am a big fan of those rich, buttery delicious shades in here.


This is honestly not the most exciting palette in the world, and it is most definable not a color-lovers dream, but it is a very good quality neutral palette for everydau use. If you like simple and natural makeup looks and want a good quality palette that is easy to use then this is a good choice. You got everything you need here for a neutral-lovers everyday makeup looks, and even some rich nice metallics and darer mattes for something more daring. For a warm neutral kind of person this is a good choice.


The quality throughout the palette is very consistent. The mattes are smooth, pigmented and easy to blend but with a little bit of kick-back in the pan. They are not as loosely pressed as some of the other Colourpop palettes like the Dream St, but they are still soft, therefore some kickback but nothing major. The metallics are just dreamy as usual. Just richly pigmented butter that glides on smooth and with full impact. I am a big fan of this formula, and all of the metallics in this palette can live up to my now-quite-high expectations. The shades “Hot Bod” and “Flasher” (third and forth shade) are exceptions to the other formulas. “Hot Bod” is a matte with fine flecks of glitter. I am generally not a fan of these kind of formulas (from any brand) because I find that the glitter flecks don’t transfer well to the eyes, or will fade very quickly. Off course there is always a tacky base that would help, but the base of the shade, the matte brown does not really need a tacky base and it just makes it harder to blend. Just not my cup of tea. “Flasher” stands out because it is more of a satin finish, which I do like.


So with the exception of “Hot Bod” which is just not my favorite kind of formula, all the shades have very good quality and are very easy to work with. Just a solid quality palette overall. And as with every Colourpop eyeshadow palette this is sleek, light-weight and very handy to travel or store efficiently. The neat size is one f the things I really appreciate about the Colourpop palettes, and one of the reasons (together with price and quality) that I love collecting them.


Although this palette does not bring anything new to the table colour-wise, I would recommend picking it up if you like these kind of colors because it is cheap and excellent quality.

But seriously Colourpop, at least give us new packaging when releasing a new palette!

There is however one more reason other than packaging why this palette seems so familiar, and that is the fact that this is very dupeable to another well known palette released around the same time as this, namely the Tarte Tartelette Toasted!

I will soon have a comparison post with these two palettes so if you are thinking about picking up one, but don’t know which one then stay tuned! Remember to give me a follow so you get notified, and I would love to see you over at my Instagram too!



6 thoughts on “Colourpop Double Entendre – Swatch & Review!

    1. I think one of the reasons why they got so popular is that they are very flattering, unless they are too red toned (which can make some people look ill as well 😅).
      I love cool shades too, but mostly for winter 😊

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